August 09, 2014

Happy Birthday to My 4 Amazing TWO Year Olds

You are 2 and I have no idea how so much time has passed since the day you were born. It feels like yesterday when we would visit you every single day for 6 weeks while you were in the nicu. We could have just mixed another batch of formula which would last for 24 hours. I just changed my shirt an hour ago because I was once again got spit up on. We play for 15 minutes after a bottle before you are ready to sleep. Feedings every 3 hours followed by pumping is our everyday routine. You figured out how to roll, then you got sitting figured out and finally you were up and walking. You started eating foods mashed up, then slowly advanced to puffs and before long you started eating whatever we were eating. Somehow all of these things have happened in the last two years and now we have toddlers who run, climb everything, want to go on rides in the jeep, eat more than I can in a meal, are learning how to talk and sing. You my babies are growing up but you will always be my babies. I am wondering how long I can get away with calling you babies before you tell me you are not a baby anymore?

I am okay with you turning 2. I am having a harder time figuring out how two years have already passed since the night you arrived. As far as becoming two year olds I am okay with it. As you left the baby stage and started becoming little people we have had so much fun and have felt more like a family. The first year was exhausting and so routine. The months 12-18 was physically exhausting but as you neared a year and a half life got better. You were a little more independent and could entertain yourselves for longer periods of time. We went from two naps to one which allowed us to get out of the house more. You were all walking, climbing up and down the stairs, and we could open the garage door and you could climb into the car yourself. Life physically got a little easier. Now mentally I think you are trying us every single day! I am going to say it will be nice when you can use full sentences to tell mom and dad what you want because the screeching x4 is enough for anyone to want to run and hide. I say this now but I am sure it won't be long and I will be asking you all to play the silence game like I do with your big sisters and brother.

Even though you were all born at the same time and are grouped as quadruplets you are all so very different from each other. First of all not a single one of you even bear resemblance to one another! You are each your own and I love that about you.

Kenzie Rae
You remain our peanut at just 20lbs. Everything is little about you except for your fiestyness. I loved this quality about you when you were in the nicu but not so sure how I feel about it now at the age of 2! You are a daddy's girl and want nothing, and I mean nothing to do with anyone else when dad is around. You love anything fast and have no fear. Jeep and lawn mower rides are a favorite of yours. Even though you are only 20 pounds you can eat just as much as the others. Fruit, hot dogs and anything in the carb group are your meal choices. You can dress, undress and put your own shoes on. Most mornings we find you just in your diaper and I am so thankful you stop there. You love to take out your hair pony's and I think you do it just to bug momma because as soon as I ask you what happened to your hair you start giggling. Your voice is just as tiny as you are (except for when you yell because then you are able to break glass!) and you say 'thank you' for everything in the sweetest little voice. It melts my heart every time you say it. You are not a cuddler because that would mean you would have to slow down and that only happens when you crash at nap and bedtime. Even though most people think you are the baby of the family you are my Baby A and I have a feeling you will continue to lead the pack as you get older. I love you Peanut and Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl.

Isabella Lynn
Your smile lights up a room and I think it has something to do with your dimples and the way your eyes glisten when you smile. You continue to love your family best but do warm up to others much quicker than you use to unless it is your occupational therapist. Even though you can throw a very good fit and we see them almost daily you are the one that for the most part is the happiest playing with toys. When you are done playing you love to sit in mom and dads lap and just watch the world around you. You are a good eater and you really don't have anything you do not like but when you are done or get mad at something during a meal your food gets taken away or it will end up on the floor. When you do get upset it takes you longer than anyone else to settle down. Holding your arms across you and making a shush sound helps you the most. Beaded necklaces are your absolute favorite thing. You wake up and immediately find one or ten and will wear them all day long. Your face lights up when you are told you are pretty or beautiful. Hands down you have the best kiss out of the babies. You know how to pucker those lips. You also love babies either real or doll form. You remind me so much of your sister Natalie and it will be interesting to see if your personalities continue to be similar as you get older. Izzie Boo, mommy loves you so much and I can not believe you are turning 2. 

Tate Richard
You are a mini Drew in so many ways. You are also the biggest of the four and not just by a little bit but at the same time you are scared of so many loud noises. Wrestling along with eating are your favorite activities. You also love bath time and are the last one out each night. You enjoy when the tickle monster arrives and give the biggest tummy laughs ever. Out of all the babies you are our best talker and 'mommy' and 'daddy' are your clearest words. You also enjoy singing the ABC's but I think mom is the only one that gets what you are singing. Being outside is were we can find you all day long and sometimes if we are not getting there fast enough you will go out by yourself. Even locked doors do not stop you. I think you will be an awesome cook when you are older because you will sit and watch me the entire time I prep lunch and dinner. You have boycotted most meats but anything else you will scarf down. You get the most diaper changes throughout the day because I have never met a kid who poops as often as you do. That being said I think you will be the first to potty train because you will pretty much go on the big boy potty every time we set you on it. Even though I am ready to be done buying diapers I am not sure I want to have more kids to take into public bathrooms so we are not pushing for potty training just yet. Tater Tot, you are awesome at giving kisses but I think your hugs may be even better. You are 2 Baby Boy and make your mom so proud.

Rylan James
Your dad has recently given you the name Ry Cry which is one I am hoping you grow out of real soon. The reason you have gotten this nickname is because you turn on the waterworks for everything. It is too bad we have figured this fake cry out and it does not get you far anymore but it is funny to see how fast you can turn it off when you decide it isn't worth the effort. Besides fake crying, stealing any toy a sibling has is also something you have perfected. You get more middle of the night cuddles than anyone else. I think you know if you wake up around the ten o'clock time I will bring you downstairs and cuddle with you. While you are laying with mom you will not even look at your dad because you know he will tell you it is bedtime. You are a little birdie when I am in the kitchen making dinner. Sometimes I will give you something I know you will not care for just so you go and play. You are petrified of noises such as the vacuum, a chainsaw and lawnmower. You literally tremble and cling to the nearest person when these things turn on.  If someone does not finish all of their food you will happily take their plate and eat what remains. You are a mischievous little boy but always give us the most innocent little smirk. You will either be an engineer or a con artist when you get bigger. RyRy I love you so much and you completed our little family 2 years ago today. Happy Birthday to the little man that makes me laugh and shake my head the most.  

You my loves are 2 today and make your mom and dad smile, laugh and some days make us want to pull our hair out. Even on those days we can not imagine not having you four with us. I am so thankful for the nurse who called us the night before we transferred you back into mommy because without her telling us she had occasionally seen poor grade embyros take we would only be celebrating 2 birthdays today instead of 4. Each one of you were meant to be here and I can not wait to see where your life will take you. I loved you when you were in my tummy. I loved you even more on the night I first met you. And today I find myself more in love with you than I ever imagined possible. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Rylan, Tate, Isabella & Kenzie


  1. Happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!

  2. Seriously, where did TWO years go??? It seems like not long ago we were all waiting for the arrival of our babies and here they all are turning into little people. 2 is certainly mentally exhausting, but they really are fun. Goodness, I want to have a huge quad play date!


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