August 28, 2014

Dear Summer,

I really wish I could love you unconditionally but there are a couple traits of yours that are standing in the way. I am hoping over the next six months you can work through some of these issues so that nothing will stand in our way next June. I know they say you can't change a person but I am really hoping this is not the case here and that you will see where I am coming from.

First I want to let you know that you really are my favorite. There is something about your carefree days that just make me smile. I love that fact that I really don't have to get dressed, or even shower, when you are here. Make up and having hair that is styled are only done on days that I may run into people that I actually know. There is nothing better than an afternoon nap with a light blanket and the ceiling fan spinning around and around, except for maybe waking up with the windows open and the sound of birds chirping. I love the fact that time seems to slow down and there are more hours in the day to get things done. Bedtime often slips by unnoticed because there were too many giggles happening to really pay attention to time. Your warm sunshine invites us to dine al fresco for the majority of meals which makes clean up a snap. The bulk of my laundry when you are visiting are towels and swim suits. Adventures of bike rides and walks are daily occurrences and with those come more skinned knees than I have band-aids for.

Yes Summer, you have so many amazing qualities that I adore but there are just a couple of things we need to discuss. First, just because you are an early riser does not mean you need to wake my children up at 6am on the dot every single morning. Yes I understand the mornings are beautiful but my kids are not awake to enjoy this aspect. Instead they are at my bedside telling me they are hungry about every 3 minutes until I tell them they can have a breakfast bar or a gogourt. They then start asking when I am going to get up once they have finished their pre-breakfast snack. Though I do enjoy summer mornings I prefer to spend them crawled under my sheets without little ones pestering me until at least 7. So Summer can we compromise on this one and I will spend 2-3 days a week with you at 5:20 on the days I must go to work and the remaining days you allow me to sleep peacefully til 7?

Fresh  juicy fruit, cold ice tea and bare feet are some of the joys you bring with you but this also brings along dirty fingers that like to touch every window in my house and floors that are always sticky. This is not the end of the world and I understand that these messes can all be cleaned up but can I please just have a house that stays clean for 5 minutes? Someday I will be wishing my kids were back in my house leaving behind fingerprints on the windows but when I get that urge I will invite my grandchildren to visit so they can cloud my view from my patio windows and then I will send them back home so I can wash my windows that will stay clean until they visit again. The messes you make around every corner of my house makes me crazy. I often feel I make no head way in getting my house in order and if I do the second I turn around another mess is made. Can we agree on one day a week in which my house stays clean from sun up to sun down?

Let's talk food...I am so thankful that I have a fridge full of food and that I am able to provide my kids with healthy choices but the appetite my children work up while spending time in your company can be way too much at times. I am happy to provide breakfast, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and dinner. Allowing me to get the dishes done from the meal we just finished would be so much appreciated before someone is telling me they are hungry. I love being in the kitchen but sometimes I just want a break from it. There is no way a person who has just eaten a breakfast full of protein and fruit can be hungry by 9:30 in the morning. I am lucky if I have even started on my coffee before someone is asking me for a snack. Also all this "I'm hungry" leads to more dishes and clean up and I am again finding myself with the task of cleaning once again. A vicious cycle that I do not enjoy in case you have not caught on.

Now for the big one that I feel is really getting in the way of the unconditional love I want to have with you; attitude, sass and bickering. I can not do this one again next summer at the level we had this summer. I use to fight with my brother so I get that siblings are not always the best of friends but I always thought my kids would at least have a couple nice things to say to each other throughout the day. I do not expect perfect children but I do not understand how my kids can be so wonderful when in school and while out in public but the minute they get in the car or stuck at home they find fault with everything their brothers or sisters do, or someone is sitting too close to them, or someone did something they were not suppose to. My mom use to tell me to watch my tone more times than I want to admit as child and now I know why she use to say this. The tones you bring out in my children's voices is like nails on a chalkboard. I am at a loss on how to correct this behavior of attitude, sass and bickering that we have been dealing with while you have been with us the last 3 months. We have tried time outs. We have tried separating and quiet play time. We have tried naps. We have tried a tsp of vinegar and nothing is helping. I will be reading some self help books while the days of winter are here with us but Summer can you please bring different tones with you next time you come?

"You're o-FISH-ally in 1st Grade"
As you can see there are really not that many issues I have with you, only a handful. We wished you farewell yesterday as I sent my kids off to school. I may have been even more excited than them when we waved good-bye to you. We will have a routine again. My kids will be able to play with others than just their brothers and sisters. I will have a couple hours each day that my house stays clean. I will be able to stick to 3 meals a day and one snack without hearing 'I'm hungry' the minute everyone has left the table. I know I will get to a point when I am tired of packing lunches, tired of loading everyone up to drop & pick kids up, tired of finishing homework assignments with kids who say they don't know how to do it; but at those moments I am going to remember the sticky hands, the constant fighting among siblings, the threats of timeouts and be happy that winter is staying with us for just a little longer. I hope in six months I will have a love for you that is unbreakable and that things will work out between us but until then I am off to wash uniforms because tomorrow is another school day! Hallelujah...

A Mom Who Is A Tad Excited Her Kids Are Back In School


  1. Love the pics of Natalie and Aubrey, they are so grown up! And apparently really into bickering, sorry friend...hope it either passes or you can find a solution!!

  2. HAHA! I wholeheartedly agree. Let me add: Summer, I LOVE how you kiss my skin & make me look healthy because I am in your sunshine & pushing 100+ lbs of kids more often. But Summer, how I do hate all your bugs, especially those nasty "skeetoes". Please no bumper crop next year!

  3. Cute post! I'll add- the 6 am wake up is a reason I'm clinging to cribs as long as possible.
    Here's to a great school year!


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