August 05, 2014

A Look Back at our Father's Day

Somehow our summer is flying by. I can not believe it is already August and that our summer will be over on the 27th when the kids start school again. Blogging has kind of been pushed to the back burner because I just have been to lazy to write. The other day I was going through my pictures from this summer and ran across some things I want to make sure I get into our family life story because I know in twenty years I will want to look back and remember the good old days. So over the next couple weeks I will have some 'catch up' post from our summer.

Father's day this year was nothing special  except for the fact we were celebrating a very special daddy in our life. I was not creative in the gift department this year and I totally pulled a Paul. I went shopping the Eve before the big day. I can not even tell you how many years Paul has gone Christmas shopping for me at 8 o'clock on Christmas Eve which has resulted in pajamas three sizes too big because everything my size was sold out. Not only was I very late in going shopping but I had no idea what to get him. We are trying to be careful what we spend these days and everything Paul wants/needs is way beyond the 'may purchase without spouses permission' limit so I ended up letting the kids pick their father's day gifts. It turned into one of the most memorable Father's Day. The kids had a blast and Paul and I could not help but laugh.

I love that the kids are at an age where they can make their own cards. It gives the a project and it is so fun to see what they write and draw. I have a feeling my saved card box will be very full when I am old and grey. 
When I took the kids to Target Saturday evening I told them they were in charge of picking out dad's gift. I was a little nervous on what junk we would be bringing home but in the end they surprised me with the thought that they put into it. Drew immediately said dad would want a lego so the toy department was our first stop. This came as no surprise this would be Drew's choice because we can not go anywhere these days without him asking us to buy him a lego. He kept telling me all the ones daddy would like and in the end he chose a fire truck. Paul also received a frisbee, a football magazine (outdated draft edition that got taken back, who leaves outdated magazines on the rack?), and his favorite snacks of Pringles, Oreos, Peach o's and Reese's peanut butter cups. As we were standing in line to pay Aubrey insisted dad needed a new water bottle. I asked her why since dad does not work out and she told me he always gets thirsty mowing the grass and so he needed a big cup to drink from. She had a good point so we got out of line to go find the cup she wanted. After everything was picked out I was surprised at how well they knew their dad at the ages of 6 and 4.

The meeting room to decide which kid would go next and what they would be giving dad. 

Now if I excel at this mom role I signed up for we would have gone home and wrapped everything but it was already past bedtime so I told them we would do it in the morning. Well when morning came they were too excited to give dad his gifts so we just made dad close his eyes and the kids handed them to him one at a time. Even the babies got into it by running back and forth from the living room to our bedroom. Drew was not happy that dad could not build his fire truck right away but a peanut butter cup made up for it. Father's Day 2014 was nothing fabulous but the kids loved being able to go to the store and pick out their own gifts. They still talk about it so I know it was a special day for them celebrating their dad and we may just make it a tradition. Sure takes the pressure of me!

"Eyes closed Daddy"
When I pulled this up on my computer the first time I just sat at my computer and couldn't believe these kids were all mine. I remember seeing pictures like this of my dad's brothers and sisters who equaled 8. They had a much wider span in ages but it always seemed like so many kids. Now I sit here and am still shocked that I am a mom to 7. Some days it seems like a lot and other days after I have done my head count I recount because it doesn't seem like 7 is that many kids. 


  1. I love that you let the kids pick out Paul's gifts! I'm sure he found them endearing and will always remember this father's day! I'll have to remember that next year and let the quads choose George's gifts. He's so hard to please it stresses me out so I'm sure they can handle it.


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