June 21, 2014

Drew Bear

You my little man are so full of life and though you are only turning 4 today you seem so much older. It is not your attitude that makes you seem older or your smartness but instead I just can't wrap my finger around the fact that you have only been part of our family for 4 years. You are part of the big kids at home and you fit right into that category without a problem. In your world you are able to do everything your sisters do because you are part of them.

If I could, I would bottle you up and keep you at this age forever. You are not a baby anymore but you are not old enough to not want snuggles and tickles from your momma. I am fine with the concept of you staying 1,460 days old but unfortunetly you are not okay with this. You say you drink milk to be big like daddy. You can not wait to be dropped off at school next year with your sisters. You informed me the other day that you no longer needed a pull up at night because you will just use the potty. My little boy wants to grow up and I as your mom must let you.

You are the perfect middle child. You love having your big sisters to play with but you also love being the big brother to four younger silings. We will often hear 'good job honey' from you when one of your babies does something well and it makes me smile from ear to ear. Those younger brothers and sisters do tend to drive you crazy though when you are trying to race your cars or build a lego creation.

You are all boy and often a very loud one. Mowing the yard with dad is a favorite of yours. You can spend the entire day in your puddle jumpers out by the pool. Hot chocolate is your morning beverage of choice. You could not wait for soccer this summer and your parents did not exist during practice unless you were told to get a drink of water. You were all about the soccer ball and your coaches this year. Legos have become your passion and you seem to think mom and dad should be able to build them with you all day long. Any toy that is long and straight becomes a sword. If someone, who goes by the name of mom or dad, is lying on the ground it is your personal invitation to climb or jump on them. If they go by the name of Tate or Rylan the invite is for a round of wrestling. You do not like when a baby wins though! You try to boycot naps everyday but if you do fall asleep you are out for 2 hours. It takes you more than a minute to wake from a sleep. Your most requested food is spinach. You named a chicken 'Jack in the Box' but it changes daily on who Jack in the Box is. If we tell you we are going to do something it better be taking place in the next five minutes because otherwise you will make sure we do not forget about it. You insisted your training wheels needed to come off but after multiple attempts of riding you asked for them to be put back on. You never went through the terrible 2's and 3's were pretty darn awesome with you too.

Drew you stole my heart when you were born and 4 years later you still have it. I love the little boy you are becoming. This next year I will be sending you off to preschool and I know it is just the beginning of many send offs. All I have to say is there are some lucky people who will get to enjoy your mischvious smile, your full of life blue eyes, your love for anything boy and your never ending persistance. My wish for you this year is that you may enjoy one more year of the innocence of a child.

I love you Drew Bear and Happy 4th Birthday!

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