May 28, 2014

Staying A Float As The Seasons Change

This last year I noticed that as we went from fall to winter and then winter to spring I have survived by just keeping my head out of the water. I don't feel as if I am drowning but that every breath I take is so needed. I am not sure if it has to do with the time changes, the amount of daylight or the changes in the kids schedules but for whatever reason when the new season arrives I just feel busy and that every moment of the day is filled with something.

My babies who are nearing their second birthday. How can it be so?
This is not a bad thing but just me trying to figure out how to prioritize my life and also reorganize the things that we need to get done. Playing with my kids in the pool is a must. Having kids in gymnastics right now is not high on the list so we canceled until summer is on its way out. Getting the kids to swim team even when we are parenting alone is done four times a week which means lots of snacks to keep 5 little kids entertained for forty-five long minutes. Washing of clothes happens when the baskets are full which leads me to three endless days of washing, folding and putting away. Paul's solution was to buy another washer and dryer. My solution was everyone is only allowed to wear a swim suit on days we are staying home. Meals are eaten outside with clothing optional. Showers are also done outside. Blogging has taken a step down on the must get done list because I am just not sure what I want to write about and being creative right now is figuring out how best to position my lounge chair to get the best tan.

Love this kid. He was not planned by me but someone knew I needed him in my life!
This guy is pretty swell too!!

Welcome to our summer dining table. We have gotten smarter and the babies booster chairs now live permanently out here because a meal is not relaxing when you have to repeat "sit down" 7,953 times in a span of 20 minutes.
As the school year is winding down I feel as if I am finally able to get more than just my head above the water. My breaths are longer and I am becoming more relaxed with the upcoming season. It just took me about four weeks to adjust. Choir practice ends next week. The school talent show is over. Swim practice will move to 8am (who in the world schedules 6 year olds for 8am swim practice during the summer!) which allows us to have full days at home. No more packing of lunches. No more homework each night but instead I can listen to my first graders (sniff sniff) read to me poolside. We can have play dates during the day instead of squeezing them in on weekends. Grandma Lesnau will be arriving which just shouts summer to my kids.

The girls have started creating their own spa time in my bathroom.
Won't be long and peanut will not be able to walk under the desk. Little Miss finally out grew her infant seat, by height not weight!

Tate doesn't patiently wait for food. Hope he finds a wife who likes to cook because this boy likes to eat.
Housework will get done every two weeks when the house cleaner comes. We will live in diapers and swim suits. Wash will happen when we run out of jammies. Dinner will be thrown on the grill which means fewer dishes to wash. Iced coffee will be my drink of choice. Afternoon naps in underwear will be a daily event. Blogging may or may not happen. I will still have to go to work because unfortunately I haven't figured out how I can still get a paycheck without adorning my scrubs but you can bet we will be having many lazy days in between my work schedule.

All of this will be gone before we know it and we will be back in the grind of school, shortened days and grandma's back in Minnesota and when all happens I will be struggling just at the surface once again for a couple of weeks. So for today I am going to enjoy the fact that my laundry is sitting happily in the hampers with enough clothes hung in our closets to get us through a couple more days. The house is clean only because the cleaner left after the babies went down for nap. A little boy is snoozing in my room. And I have exactly one hour to look through my cooking magazines before I have to pick kids up from school. Summer is here and it is time to make the best of it.

Why do kids have the need to show ones parents dead animals?
Longing to be part of the big kid club.

A very blurry video but one I am so proud of. Aubrey has wanted to sing the Alleluia at mass since she started choir in the fall. This past weekend she was asked to sing it and she did amazing. I tear up every time I watch this video because I am so beyond proud of what my little girl achieved by lots of practicing at home with her twin sister. 


  1. This post made me smile. :) Glad y'all are enjoying your long lazy summer days.

  2. PS. Great job Aubrey! Did you want to break out in clapping? ;)

    1. I did Heather but I was too busy trying to not let the tears in my eyes fall!

  3. Lots of things going on but sounds like a gear summer lies ahead! Good for you for not letting the small stuff wear you out and choosing to relax or find the best position for your tan :)

    Love all the outdoor pictures and your patio dinner table!


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