May 09, 2014

Mother's Tea

Today was the day my girls have been looking forward to for months. They probably started discussing the Mother's Tea Party back in October when they had a Dad's Night Out at school and Natalie and Aubrey have been talking about it since. For them, today was just about as big of a holiday as Christmas. Natalie even woke me up at 2 and 4 this morning asking me if it was time to start getting ready yet. Someone was a tad excited! Natalie of course had to dress in her fanciest of clothes after her and her sister went to the principal yesterday to plead their case on why they should be allowed to dress pretty for their mom's special day. I had to laugh when their teacher told me they got the approval from Mr. Nelson for a free dress day for the Kindergarten class because of course Natalie would never find it acceptable to have to wear her uniform for a fancy tea party!

The girls and their teacher (along with a little boy who I thought we should bring home. I am sure his mom would never miss him!)
Their classroom was decorated just perfectly and so much work went into creating a special day for us moms. The room smelled of fresh rosemary which filled vases the kids had made and sat on each table. They sang us songs and said their prayers to bless the person they call mom. They taught us 2 dances and both left us moms laughing because one dance had us weaving in and out under everyone's arms and I am sure us moms looked a little silly. We were shown all the work they have been doing in their garden and the seedling they would be planting later today after the tea party was over. We said a decant of the rosary, praying for our own intentions while the children lead us in each of the Hail Mary's. We listened to 3 songs on the good old recorder after they warmed up their hands. We concluded the morning by eating on fine china as our children each poured us tea in matching tea cups and served us food they had prepared the day before.

Natalie and Aubrey's hand cutouts.

I love the way Kindergartners always want to hold hands with each other. 

The children were so proud of all their effort in making our day special. Some days being a mom can be anything but rewarding but as Kindergartners my girls still think moms are the greatest thing in the world. I am not sure when they actually start viewing moms as something else but today I am not going to worry about that. Instead I am going to look at the gift they gave us and know that without a doubt they have never been as excited to saw, sand and paint a piece of wood because they were making it for their moms with love.

Thank you Natalie and Aubrey for a wonderful Mother's Tea


  1. How sweet! These are truly the moments to savor. The girls look like they are on cloud 9!


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