April 05, 2014

Why We Participate in March of Dimes Walk For Babies

In three weeks our family will once again participate in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. It will be our 3rd year participating but it is the 2nd year in which this organization truly means so much to us as a family. We have 4 very healthy 20 month olds who may have had a very different outcome if it were not for the March of Dimes and the research that they do. Many babies benefit each year because of the research and advancements the March of Dimes has been able to do with contributions from people like you and I. Unfortunately there are still way too many babies who never feel the warmth of their mothers arms which also means too many moms and dads are having to say good-bye to their children before they even get to say hello.

Our quad (and quint) community has been brought to tears frequently this past year. While I was pregnant with the quads all of us who were pregnant at the same time delivered four babies, who all made it home from the nicu and are now healthy toddlers but that has not been the case in recent months. We have had a 1 mom who delivered her four beautiful children but all too quickly one was called home to heaven. Another mom lost 2 of her babies during the nicu stay when they contacted an infection. Recently another mom lost one of her unborn children in-utero. And during the last 6 months three of our moms delivered their babies around 20 weeks gestation and had to say good-bye as they took their last breathes. Days when I hear of another mom losing her baby(ies) I am in a state of disbelief. These moms are so much stronger than I am because I don't know how they continue to go on. It also makes me so grateful for every single one of my healthy children and for the strides that the March of Dimes has made over the years. But the research can not stop because as you see babies are still being born too soon.
I want to introduce you to Chris & Jen. They are amazing parents of quadruplets. But the difference between them and us are they have already had to say good-bye to their little loves and have to wait until they get to heaven to hold them again. 
At 17 weeks Jen went into pre-term labor, she was having contractions and her cervix was shortening. She had a successful surgery at this time to allow the babies to have more time to grow inside their mommy by keeping the cervix closed with a stitch. But at 20 weeks Baby A's water broke. Delivery of Serenity Brooklyn Monroe could not be stopped and she was delivered in attempt to save her sister and brothers. Serenity lived for 2 hours in the arms of her mom and dad before she gained her angel wings. Jen spent the next two days doing everything she could to keep her three unborn children safe.
But then the unthinkable happened again. Baby D's water broke and labor again could not be stopped. Only half way into the pregnancy Chris and Jen experienced the birth and the last breath of their three remaining children; Jaxon Joseph, Gianna Charlotte Faith & Gage Christian Thomas. Chris and Jen have an amazing faith in the Lord and know they will one day hold their children in their arms again but until then they have had to watch their babies gain their angel wings way too soon.

I am writing to each of you today to ask for your support as our family Walks for Babies on April 26th. All donations make such a difference to this organization and over time even pennies add up. We will be walking proudly for our 4 children who were born 9 weeks too early, for those who are currently in the nicu and for all those who have had to say good-bye to their little miracles because the research has not advanced enough to save them.Thank you for your support as we Walk for Babies.

To make a contribution to the March of Dimes in honor of Serenity, Jaxson, Gianna & Gage please go to (all donations are tax deductible):  

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