April 02, 2014

How One (or 2) Celebrate Turning 6

As Drew exclaimed as he was crawling into bed tonight, "That was the best birthday ever." Even though it was not his birthday I think the girls would say the exact same thing. I am not the best at going all out on birthdays mainly because for some reason they kind of sneak up on me. Yes, I know how many days are in each month and that when March is coming to an end the girls birthday is right around the corner but for some reason it always gets here sooner than I expect it to which means I am caught with little to make their day extra special. Also we do not do birthday parties so there is no count down to the two hours of craziness with everyone from their class in which during those 2 hours the parents shell out way too much money to have kids climb on bounce houses or shoot laser guns at one another. I know that is only our opinion so please no one needs to explain to my why it is essential Kindergartners must have a party.

But this year I had 2 five year olds who have told us each morning how many days it was until their birthday. I couldn't help but get a little excited with them and so this year we really did try hard to make it a birthday they would remember. It started out on Sunday with an afternoon for just two little girls with  their mom and dad. We went out to lunch at their restaurant of choice, Boudin Bakery (think clam soup in bread bowls), followed by shopping for summer clothes and a trip to the candy store. Before heading home we met Grandma Pat for some more shopping and lets just say the girls have plenty to wear this summer. Drew had no complaints about us being gone when the girls handed him an assortment of candy from our favorite candy store.

Sometimes they act so much older than they really are and then other times it is easy to remember they are still my babies.

Natalie was way more interested in her bag of candy than taking pictures!
This morning the girls woke up to balloons and banners leading them downstairs to a table filled with confetti, gifts and a birthday chair decorated with more balloons. Natalie was so excited to see Momma Bear's Porridge was cooking in the crock pot. The girls go to mass the first Wednesday of each month and so they asked Paul and I if the whole family could go to mass today for their birthday. It is pretty hard to say no to that request so by 7:45 all 9 of us were heading out the door for school/mass.

Their birthday song and prayer at school. Their classmates back and forth as the girls turn around in circles. I would have been sick by the end of the song from all the circles but they did just fine!
Birthday treats
The evening consisted of a birthday dinner request of taco salad, their first day of swim team for the year, presents and of course ice cream cake. The night will be completed by a visit from the tooth fairy since Natalie's 3rd tooth finally fell out in class today. She has been asking Paul to pull it for the last week and he was able to find a reason each night to pawn it off to the next day and I am just thankful I don't have to experience the e-b-jebees night after night when I floss her teeth. There is just something this momma can't handle about wiggly teeth!

Love that that they happily allowed Drew to open one gift and one card. It made his day.

A very cute garbage boy!
Aubrey reading her new book to Grandpa & Grandma

I think the girls will be sad tomorrow when they wake up and realize their birthday is not for another 364 days but at the same time I think they would agree with Drew that "that was the best birthday ever." Now hopefully daddy will be saying the same thing 9 days from now!


  1. I love it! That sounds like the perfect kind of celebration. I think some years you get inspired and the kids really get into and you have a party and other years it's a smaller affair and more family-oriented. And so super sweet they let Drew open a present, too. That's gotta make your momma heart swell!

  2. I had to laugh at your comment about wiggly teeth, I will change dirty diapers and clean up vomit until the cows come home, but the idea of a loose tooth or a tooth falling out makes MY SKIN CRAWL! My twins are only 2, so thankfully I have a few years to get my courage up. Ahhhh!


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