April 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Natalie & Aubrey

Six years ago today I became what I always wanted, a mommy. Everyone thought daddy was playing an April Fools Day joke when he came out of the delivery room and said it was two girls. We all thought a girl and a boy or maybe 2 boys but 2 little girls no one imagined. Yet six years later I can not imagine you two being anything but sisters.

As twins you have a bond that many of us do not and will never have with another human being. I first noticed this connection when you were about 18 months old. We would be playing at the park and though you were playing on different equipment you always knew where the other one was. If for a moment I couldn't find one of you all I had to do was ask your twin where you were and I would know where the 'lost' one was at. I have continued to see this bond develop as you entered preschool and all though you have separate friends your sister is always the first one you go to if something is wrong. You have a comfort in each other that is sometimes stronger than mommy's comfort. As Kindergartners neither of you think twice when your sister reaches for your hand to be held. You often walk into school hand and hand after mom and dad drop you off. And when one of you gets hurt the other one is right there to take care of you. You both have a very hard time if one of you has to stay home sick from school, not because you don't know how to make it without each other but because you truly miss each other.

I am so proud of the girls you have become. You are amazing sisters to not only each other but to your 5 younger siblings. Your teachers love having you in class and were so excited to have two kids who actually knew what a chore was on the first day of class. You are the reason mom and dad wanted more than two kids. Now even though it is your birthday and I would love to make everything come up roses today we must not forget that with reaching the age of six we have also seen you gain independence, an attitude and the need to add a 'but' to every sentence. Even with all of this we still love you more than you can imagine.

Today on your sixth birthday my wish for you is nothing but happiness, giggles and smiles that reach from ear to ear. During the next couple of years you are going to realize life really isn't always fair; someone will make fun of something you wear or say, you won't be invited to a classmates birthday party and there will be times you think you will never understand a subject in school but as you come across these struggles may they make you stronger and a better person in the end. And I hope you never forget you have a mommy, a daddy, and lots of brothers and sisters that love you more than anything.

I love you in a way you will only understand when you both become moms and with that I wish you a

Happy 6th Birthday Nattie Ann!

Happy 6th Birthday Aubrey Nicole!

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  1. Beautiful girls! Hope year 6 is even better than the first 5!


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