April 01, 2014

Does One Need A Bucket List?

On my way home the other night from work I was listening to Delila. I love listening to those who call in and I often wonder what I would say if I was to call in and dedicate a song. Boring I know but hey it gives you something to ponder. That particular evening Delila was talking about bucket lists and it really got me thinking about my own personal bucket list or lack of one.

Each morning when we tell the babies we need to brush teeth they run off for our bathroom and line up like little ducklings to get their teeth brushed. It makes me laugh every morning.
Paul and I off for an evening of fun at one of his company parties..
The beloved Christmas gift Drew received from my sister. This thing has become another kid in our family and I am not sure what to think about it.
This boy and his spinach. Before we went grocery shopping lats night we asked the older kids what one item they wanted us to get for them; Natalie-blueberries, Aubrey-shrimp, & Drew-spinach.

As I drove home in the silence of my own car I realized I had no list. Now there are things that I would like to do but nothing I have to do before I die. At one time there were 2 things on this list and I have been able to cross both of them off. The first was to become a nurse. I knew this was what I wanted to be when I grew up and I was able to cross this off when I was 21 years old when I received my bachelor's in nursing. The second item on my list was to become a mother. Though this took me longer than I ever imagined I am pretty sure I can now cross this item off my list too because I have become a mom 7 times over.

Mommy pureed broccoli in their mac & cheese and they had no clue even after they polished off the entire box by themselves.
I know it is blurry but this kid climbs EVERYTHING. He got through the baby gates and up on the table by himself. He is my first real climber out of all my kids.
Aubrey loves art. This is what she made all by herself one day while I was at work. I was so impressed and had planned on actually saving it until the flowers started getting moldy from all the glue she used.

Being a mom gives me the greatest joy in life. There is nothing that is more fulfilling than hearing a little girl say you are her favoritest person in the whole world, or feeling the warmth of a little boy all snuggled up to you during naps or the feeling of love I get checking on my 7 babies before I go to bed each night. A vacation to Europe or a hike up the tallest mountain or owning a certain car do not even come close to how being a mom makes me feel.

Besides climbing he also loves to point.
We had an afternoon spa day and the babies kept looking at their newly painted nails. Yes, this is my son and yes, his dad was home while this happened and could care less.
These came from our yard and I just thought they were amazing.
Helping our therapist with all of her paperwork. Kenzie couldn't figure out what the big fuss is regarding all the paperwork that our therapist complain about.
Getting ready for the next season. I am proud to say that it only took me one full day to get everything washed and put away (even if I was still doing it at 11pm).
No more trays. We moved our table from our dining area into the breakfast nook so everyone can eat together. It is so nice to not wash trays after every meal.

 Since that evening after listening to Delila I thought over and over that maybe something is wrong with me or that I have become a boring 33 year old who has nothing on a bucket list. Even though weeks have gone on since initially realizing I have no such list I still have not added a single bullet point to even begin one. So after you look through all the pictures that would be classified as a phone dump I would love to hear whether or not you have a bucket list and if you do what is on it. Maybe then I can steal some of your desires and make a list for myself or maybe I will just keep on living life as I am and just be excited when adventures come my way.

Sometimes one serving is just not enough. He is just thankful he has siblings to steal from.

Homework date with mom at our favorite- Starbucks.
Love that some nights Ellie still finds himself in bed with Drew.

If only I could fit into size 5's.


  1. Love the homework date and love the flowers from your yard, gorgeous! I have never and still do not have a bucket list. I suppose I have desires of the heart, things I aspire to accomplish one day. One was to travel Europe (did that when we lived in Scotland), one is to write a book (I have the first chapter written....from a few years ago, lol!), and one is to possibly retire on a lake somewhere. Bucket lists can be great and motivational for the right people, but I prefer to live life as it comes and enjoy each adventure as they arrive!

  2. I'm not a mother yet, but when my nieces tell me that I'm the best aunt in the world or one of my nephews tells me he loves me, those are the most rewarding moments. I don't have a bucket list. Very similar to you, there aren't a lot of things I HAVE to do. The only one for me is to be a mother. Ever since I was a young kid myself, it's been the biggest and most important thing I've dreamed of.

  3. No bucket list here! My bucket was filled with the long-desired birth of our first, and now my bucket has overflowed with the quads! But maybe it would be cool to write a book someday. And it sure would be awesome to go on a couples cruise someday with all you lovely MoMs ;)


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