March 15, 2014

Why They Can't Be Quads

As the babies have gotten older there has become a wider gap in the weights between them. At birth there was a 1.5 pound weight difference between the Tate who was the largest baby and Kenzie who was the smallest. Now at 18 months that difference is 10lbs. That is a huge amount of weight when you are talking about something that's total weight is less than 30 pounds. Lately one of the comments we get when we are out is, 'There is no way they are the same age. She is so much smaller than he is.' As I am reassuring them that YES they really are quadruplets, what I really want to ask them is if they were the exact same size as their siblings at the same ages. Just because they were born at the same time does not mean they are any different than two siblings born years apart when it comes to their growth.

I thought it would be fun to compare the weights and heights of all the kiddos at different ages up until 18  months. This also means that I will have all this info in one spot which allows me to toss all the papers from the doctors offices I have accumulated over the years telling me what their measurements were!


 Natalie:   6lbs 9oz     19"
Aubrey:   5lbs 11oz    18.5"
Drew:      9lbs 6oz      22.5"
Kenzie:    2lbs 6oz      14"
Isabella:  3lbs 9oz      16.5"
Tate:        3lbs 15oz    16.75"
Rylan:      3lbs 10oz    14.5"

Natalie:   10lbs 12oz    23"
Aubrey:    9lbs 2oz       22"
Drew:       13lbs 15oz   25.5"
Kenzie:     5lbs 10.5oz  18.5"
Isabella:   6lbs 9oz       19.25"
Tate:         8lbs 0oz       20.75"
Rylan:       6lbs 9.5oz    20"

Natalie:   13lbs 14oz    25"
Aubrey:    12lbs 6oz     24.75"
Drew:       16lbs 8oz     27.25"
Kenzie:     8lbs 9oz       20.75"
Isabella:   10lbs 8.5oz  22"
Tate:        13lbs 9.5oz   23.5"
Rylan:      10lbs 11oz    22.5"

Natalie:   16lbs 1oz       26.75"
Aubrey:    14lbs 6.5oz   26.25"
Drew:       18lbs 6oz      29"
Kenzie:     10lbs 9oz      22.5"
Isabella:   13lbs 15oz    24.25"
Tate:        16lbs 12.5oz  26"
Rylan:      13lbs 12oz     24.75"

Tate, Isabella, Kenzie, Rylan

Natalie:   18lbs 8.5oz   28.5"
Aubrey:   16lbs 5.5oz    28.5"
Drew:      19lbs 15oz     30"
Kenzie:    12lbs 10.5oz  24"
Isabella:  16lbs 3oz       26.5"
Tate:        18lbs9.5oz     27.25"
Rylan:      16lbs 10.5oz  26.25"

 Natalie:   20lbs 5.5oz    30"
Aubrey:   18lbs 11.5oz   29.5"
Drew:      22lbs 5.5oz     31.5"
Kenzie:    15lbs 8oz       27.5"
Isabella:  19lbs 15oz
Tate:       22lbs 14oz    29.5"
Rylan:     19lbs 13oz    29.5"
(By 12 months my preemie who was born 9 weeks early weighting 3lbs 15oz caught up to his brother who was born at 41 weeks who weighed 9lbs 6oz at birth. Even I was shocked when I saw this as I was going through the papers!!)

Natalie:  21lbs 3.5oz  32.5"
Aubrey:   20lbs 12oz    32"
Drew:      23lbs 1.5oz   32.3"
Kenzie:    15lbs 12oz   29"
Isabella:  20lbs 15oz   30"
Tate:        23lbs 10.5oz 32.25"
Rylan:      20lbs 0oz     30.25"

Aubrey:   (For some reason I do not have 18 month stats on the older kids. Will need to call on Mon)
Kenzie:    17lbs 3oz       29.75"
Isabella:  22lbs 3oz       30.75"
Tate:        26lbs 33.5oz  33.5"
Rylan:      21lbs 7oz       32"

This post took me way longer than it should have because it was so fun to look back at pictures of the girls and Drew and see how they have changed as they have gotten older. I also love seeing mannerisms that are only theirs that I did not see when they were young but can truly say that it is something that defines them now. There are also a couple pictures that if they were not categorized by year I would not be able to tell if it was Tate or Drew. To me, of all my kids those two look the most alike but I also see lots of similarities between Aubrey and Kenzie. Among your children do you have any that look a lot alike or are they each their own?


  1. I love this, what a great idea having everyone's stats in the same place. You can definitely tell all 7 are siblings and come from you & Paul!

  2. Oh wow, what a great idea and great post!! Thanks so much for sharing. It must have taken you quite some time to gather all the information and pics. :-)

    It's the first time I notice that Isabella totally takes after Aubrey (looks wise :-) ).

    Oi, and all the different hair styles. So fun to compare.


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