March 26, 2014

And We Add to Our Family Once Again

The first afternoon we came to see the house in the country we would end up buying Paul and I both got excited because we knew if the house really became ours we would be able to have chickens. I could never handle a farm because there is just too much dirty work involved and I do not like getting dirty but cats, dogs and chickens are right up my alley. We have a cat, we lost our beloved Bailey girl last June but will hopefully be welcoming one or two boxers to our family this summer so the only thing we were missing were chickens. I love the idea of sending my kids out with pails to collect eggs in the morning and I get excited thinking about chickens walking around our yard after the kids. And we love just a little bit of craziness so adding 12 additional family members at a time just seemed right for us.

On our way to pick up the chicks

This week my dad is staying with us while my brother and sister are on spring break and he was given two tasks to start (I say start because one of the projects will be on going all summer). The first was helping us begin landscaping our front yard. My dad and mom owned a landscaping/nursery for 25 years so he comes with a pretty extensive resume. Paul and my dad spent two days tearing out trees, digging trenches, and planting before the rain came. Then it down poured and our yard resembled mud soup so it was time to take a break from the yard and start the second project...a chicken coop.

They are just so dang cute!

She was happy to look at them but there was no way she was going to reach up and touch that noisy thing. Love my Izzie Boo.
We have a two stall barn on our property and we will never have horses so we are turning one of the stalls into a haven for chickens in hopes that they love us a lot and will reward us with many eggs to feed this family of ours. Knowing the chicken coop would actually be completed this week it was time to go get us some chicks. I think I may have been the most excited on our way to the feed store but it didn't take long before we had 3 big kids who caught the excitement bug.

Uncle Connor
Auntie Ella
Before long we had all the supplies to start our newest adventure along with 6 chicks; 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Orthingtons, & 2 Leghorns. Tomorrow we will be adding another 6; 2 Rhode Islands, 2 Americanas, & 2 Australorps. If these 12 chickens survive their first week with us we will call it a success because the big kids love holding their chicks. From the time the chicks were placed in their safety zone in our house Drew sat with them and picked up each one for over an hour. He kept talking to them and telling them how much he loved them. You can tell he is use to having babies around the house because he kept saying sweet nothings to them. My heart melted just watching him.

For the next month they will live in the house before they get moved to the garage for a month and then they will find their new home in the coop.
This little man could care less about the chicks. He just wanted to go outside and play even in the cold and rain. He lives for outside play and will bring me his shoes many times a day letting me know what he wants to do.
My 3 chicks looking like the six we just brought home; all crammed on top of each other.

No names have been given yet but the ones the kids have brought up make me glad the kids are only naming chicks and not human beings.

The smile never left his face. I can not tell you the last time I saw so much joy from one little boy.
I am so excited about our new adventure. It will be months before we get eggs but it will be so much fun watching these chicks become chickens. I also have a feeling that the first egg that is laid will end up smashed on the ground as the kids come running into the house from the coop carrying the coveted egg. Can't you just see one of the 3 older kids finding an egg, running with their siblings as fast as they can to show mom and dad the first egg, to only trip sending the egg sailing through the air? I will let you know if this is the scenario in about 5 months and in between then and now I am hoping we don't end up with any squashed chicks from someone not being gentle! The newest adventure in the Lesnau house as begun and guess what it involves babies but no sleepless nights!! 

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  1. Have fun with your new chicks! We have backyard hens too. We started 2 years ago with 8 baby hens, and we have grown to 26 hens that are laying, and we just received 25 more pullets 2 weeks ago! They are super easy, and super fun for kids.


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