February 08, 2014

Why This Momma Works

It often amazes people that as a mom of so many young kids I continue to work. I work one shift less than full time so in my book pretty near full time. I do three 12 hour shifts one week and then two the following week. There are four reasons why I work;

1) the money. Let's face it, it is expensive to raise a family these days whether you have one kid or 7. I make really good money as a nurse and this allows us to live a lifestyle where we do not have to pinch every single penny. We have done that and we don't ever want to have to do it again.

2) I love what I do. In Kindergarten we were asked to write what we wanted to be when we got older. I put down two things, a nurse and a teacher. This piece of paper was then sealed in an envelope until I graduated from high school. When I opened said envelope after graduation I was shocked to see the fields I was deciding on my junior year in high school were the two careers I had wanted to be at age 5. I am so glad I choice nursing because I am pretty sure I would have become burnt out as a teacher by now. There is something I love about a hospital. I feel at home in them and walking into them brings me comfort; the way people move around when things get busy, the jargon that is used, wanting to know what everyone is there for and even the smell that hospitals have. It is an environment that I thrive in. I can not imagine being anything else except maybe a barista at Starbucks! Nursing allows me to think critically, to take care of others, to become a part of someones life even if it is only for a couple days or weeks, and there is nothing better than a good adrenaline rush after taking care of a sick patient. My career has always been in the intensive care units and there is no where in the hospital that I would rather be.

3) when I go to work I get to have adult conversations. Being at home all day long with 7 littles can get a bit mundane. When I go to work I can talk to others about real life and not just sing songs that start with M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E. After a couple days of being home I am ready to go to work. After one day at work and catching up with everyone I am ready for a couple more days at home. Work is my only sanity break sometimes for weeks.

4) two words...health benefits. Besides the money this is a huge reason why I will continue to work. When we got pregnant with the quads we had thought about having me cut back to a per diem position after Paul got a job with the company he is currently with. After looking at what we would have to spend on health care benefits and the plan coverage we knew I would continue to work. I having amazing benefits and spend less than $30 a paycheck for coverage of our entire family. That includes health, dental and vision. The plan coverage, no deductibles and minimal co-pays says so much these days when healthcare has been in the news so much this last year.
She looks really sick doesn't she?

Hopefully she learns to look sick when she is telling me in high school that she has to stay home because she isn't feeling well.
We have been every insurances worst nightmare; cancer with 9 months of treatment and multiple long hospital stays, infertility (only our iui's were 50% covered. We spent $30-32,000 out of pocket on our ivf treatments, medications and transfers), cleft lip repair, yearly full body scans to make sure Paul is still in remission, quad pregnancy with weekly ultrasounds and appointments with a specialist, 4 babies born prematurely who spent 4-6 weeks each in the nicu. We have used our insurance. They have lost on us. We as a family have spent very little through everything we have gone through health wise and we will forever be greatful. Without insurance or poor coverage we would have probably had to file for bankruptcy at age 22 because there is no way Paul and I could have paid for his treatments as recent college graduates. We had barely stopped eating Top Ramen at that point!
Brother greeted Sissy at the door when she got home to see if she was feeling better.
Now that I have kids our insurance means even more. I never think twice about taking our kids into the doctor if I think something is wrong with them. Today is a great example of this. Kenzie has been fussy the last couple of days which I had been attributing to her molars coming in. She has been having an on and off low temperature that breaks with Motrin. Sleeping a little longer than normal but we recently went to one nap a day so I thought she was probably just sleeper because of the change. She has been eating and drinking well. No ear tugging but last night as I put her to bed I noticed a large amount of ear wax in her right ear. This is not normally Kenzie. I mentioned it to Paul and told him that I thought she might have an ear infection. So this afternoon when Paul came home I loaded Kenzie up in the pouring rain and took her to urgent care. I never thought about what it would cost me or if we could afford it. I know there are people that have to weigh this when they take their kids to the doctor and this makes me so sad. I can't imagine having no insurance or poor coverage insurance where you would have to decide if your child was sick enough to take them in. After paying my $10 co-pay Kenzie was diagnosed with a double ear infection. I then went straight to Target and got her Amoxicillin which cost me $5. I din't have to think about if buying a medication would leave us without food for dinner.
They all wanted to love on her when she got home and she wanted no one to be touching her. It made for some sad big kids.

So very proud of her sticker sucker for being good.
Doing what I do best while earning a paycheck plus getting a sanity break are all reasons why I go to work a couple days each week. But being able to take my kids to the doctor when mommy's intuition says something is not right, or getting my kids glasses so they can see the chalkboard better at school or going to the dentist once every six months for teeth cleaning would be a top reason why I choose to continue working. I don't mind going to work and I know I am a better mom because of it. Paul and I also agree that in our house being the stay at home parent is definitely harder than going to work!


  1. We are all so blessed that we have been able to thrive with quads...and more! You and Paul work very hard to provide for your family and it shows. And I'm glad you are able to take much pride in that! Love the photo of the big kids with sick Kenzie. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Sweet Kenzie looking so adorable with a double ear infection! Hope she is on the mend, and amen to getting out of the house to work. It makes life busy but balanced!


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