January 19, 2014

The Most Amazing Dinner

Back in October Paul was given a gift of a dinner out for 2 with a very, very nice budget from the owner of the company he works for. I was all smiles when Paul shared this with me because I love going out to eat especially these days when it means a full meal without having to cut anyone's food but my own. We decided we wanted to try a restaurant that we had never been to make it extra fun. I turned to Facebook and asked all my 'friends' where they would go if they had a generous dollar amount to spend. Hands down The Kitchen was it.

The Kitchen is a very nice restaurant that only serves a limited number of people each night and each night they are sold out. They open the doors at a specific time and then they are locked until the meal is finished four hours later. We had to wait almost 7 weeks for a reservation and it is also far from cheap. Going to The Kitchen would have never been in our budget if it wasn't for the money we were given.

About a week before our date night I realized that our reservation was for January 9th, which happened to be mine and Paul's first date 16 years ago! A stupid movie so long ago has lead to many dates over the years. Once we got the approval from our fashionista, Natalie, we were ready to go out. The restaurant is an experiencce I have never had before. You are invited to go anywhere in the kitchen. This includes in the back where all the prep is done and the dishes are washed. The chef and his assistance cook the food right in front of you. We had the best seats in the house because we sat right in front of where all the plating of the food is done. These men, who are all probably in their mid-20's, had such a passion and concentration when plating this food like no other. If a granola puff fell into the plate while placing it they picked it back up and placed it exactly where it needed to be. They even used a tweezers to place the herbs on each plate! Each month The Kitchen has a new menu that they serve all month long so I was excited to see what we would be served.

I usually do not take pictures of food because the food I cook is not picture worthy but oh my gosh the food we were served deserves to have its picture taken! It even deserves its own blog post!!

Opening Dish
Creamy Chestnut Soup
Hazelnut and Puffed Rice Granola
Perigord Black Truffles
Green Apples

Second Plate

Carpaccio of Lamb
Crispy Marble Potatoes, Quince Mostarda
Black Garlic, Egg
Brussel Sprout Leaves

At this point I thought I would be stopping for something to eat at home because the first two courses were rather small but the intermission was the game changer. During this time we got to visit and sample many different chef stations. While waiting in line for the restroom I was handed the most delicious thing ever...truffle popcorn. We can just say Paul and I happened to walk past this station a couple of times during intermission. I would have been happy at this point if they would have said the night ended here and sent us on our way with a big bowl of popcorn. 
Third Plate

Smoked Rigatoni
Lobster, Sea Urchin, Smoked Almonds
Charred Blood Orange
(This by far was my favorite course. The sea urchin I was not a huge fan of because of the texture but the lobster with the smoked rigatoni, now that was heaven.)

Fourth Plate

Wood Roasted Loin of Rose Veal
Veal Sweetbread Sausage
Pan Roast of Winter Vegetables
Smoked Carrot Puree

Dessert is served
Bergamot Vacherin
Meyer Lemon Curd, Saffron Cake
White Chocolate Gelato
Winter Citrus Salad
(I would have probably enjoyed this course more if I wouldn't have been completely stuffed at this point. I was just so thankful I had a dress on and not pants that had a button because I would have probably had to indiscreetly unbutton at a 5 star restaurant!)

This evening was by far the most I have and will ever spend on food at a restaurant but the experience of the whole night was so worth it. Paul and I have said we will go back but we have to come up with a really good reason to go. Maybe when we get 7 kids independently living on their own, in oh lets say 17 years?
Rod, Paul and I want to thank you for an amazing night out. We would have never experienced The Kitchen without your very generous gift.


  1. What a wonderful date night! The whole experience looks incredible!


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