January 07, 2014

Did you know the quads turned 1?

Yup they did, way back in August and we even got one year pictures taken but I thought I would wait until they were almost 17 months before I shared them. I can't even use the excuse that I wanted to use them for Christmas cards before I shared them. So here are my birthday babes from August!

This picture says it all. Dad is standing by to catch a peanut who at any moment will fall out while she is standing. Mom is clapping her hands to get the babies to all look forward. Tate is concerned because Rylan's cap is on the ground, Rylan is trying to figure out how is cap found the ground and Isabella just wants to get as far away as possible.
Baby A- Kenzie Rae


Baby B- Isabella Lynn


Baby C- Tate Richard


Baby D- Rylan James


Aubrey & Natalie- Age 5
Drew- Age 3

I had so much fun picking out the outfits for the quads one year photos. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and also an amount I wanted to spend and after searching etsy for many nights I finally found exactly what I wanted. The boys were even able to wear their outfits for my sisters wedding which meant they wore them for more than thirty minutes.

I again have to give credit to Monica at Studiokyk for the amazing pictures she captured of the quadlings. These will eventually be hung on the wall going up our stairs but before that can happen I need to search pinterest for ideas on how to arrange a collage of pictures along a stairway. Seriously what did people do before the internet?

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