December 16, 2013

One Little Monkey Jumping On The Couch

Before I had kids it use to drive me crazy when we had people over and their kids would jump from one end of my couch to the other. Why it bothered me so much I am not really sure. Probably because couches are made for sitting and I didn't want feet getting it dirty. With the twins it really wasn't a big deal because with a quick "no-no" they would sit. But with Drew it has been a whole new story. That boy thinks my trampoline is a couch. After a while I gave up and have succumb to letting the kid jump because I could tell him no til I was blue in the face and he would start jumping the minute I turn around. He does know that he is not allowed to jump on couches at other homes but occasionally he will forget this rule and will need a reminder.

Since Drew was a newborn that boy has needed to jump. Every time he was held he would stand on your lap and jump and he lived in the jumperoo. I am not sure what sensory input it gives him but I have realized he really does need to jump and so my couch has now become a trampoline for him. Does he fall off and get hurt? Well of course he does because one is not suppose to jump on the couch. So when he gets hurt we hold him for a quick second and remind him that he is not suppose to be jumping on it. He will stay off of it until his tears are dry and then he is back on. We have been lucky that so far no stitches have been needed for him but I am sure I have just jinxed myself.

I am so excited to see his face on Christmas morning when Santa brings him a 15ft outdoor trampoline. Do I think it will put an end to his couch jumping days? Probably not, but hopefully it burns lots of little boy energy.

1 comment:

  1. Hope for your sake you don't have 4 more little monkeys jumping on your couch, with the little ones thinking hey "big brother" that looks like fun;)
    Love your Blog!!


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