December 13, 2013

A November Update

Yes, you did read that correctly this is an update from last month. I am really that far behind but I have a reason. Six years ago for Christmas I started making calendars for all of the grandparents and one for us that showcased the pictures of that year. Sounds like something that wouldn't take very long, right? Except that for each calendar I switch the pictures so that Grandma Pat's has pictures of her and my stepdad and her other two grandchildren, then Grandma Lynn has pictures of her and the other Lesnau siblings, and  Grandpa David's has his family included; you can see that this simple project becomes very time consuming, as in every free moment in November and the beginning of December are taken up by going through pictures, uploading and changing formats to make sure I get every single picture into the calendar. The reason that I still do these calendars is because I think I would be disowned if they were not found wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. You can imagine the celebration I had Wednesday morning when all 5 calendars were ordered. I even sent Paul a text saying, "All the calendars are done!!!!!". So now that I can move on from that task I can now update you on what else happened in the month of November.

FAMILY TIME, which means lots of playing with kids on the floor.  I think this is one of the reasons I am glad I had my kids in my 20's and early 30's. 
Isabella loves playing with her "babies". She always has time for a quick cuddle with anything that is soft.
We have 3 of the best big siblings. The quads are getting to the age now though where they do occasionally throw a tantrum if a big kid picks them up when they don't want to be.

And sometimes it is just fun to be cheesy and get away with it because your holding a baby.

Good thing daddy doesn't have anyone who looks like him!
Some days are just rough the minute you get out of bed. And let me tell you this was a rough day ALL day long for Ms. Kenzie.
They love putting things on their head and they always have an audience to play peek a boo with. Four babies laughing over peek a boo has to be the cutest thing ever.
Adorable, that is all I have to say.

See the nice black and blue mark on her head? Many of those have been spotted around the house this fall and winter. Apparently it is the newest accessory for any outfit.

CANNING: Over 140 jars of pears and apples canned this year. The remaining bushels, since Paul way over bought this year, got spread out in our back yard for the deer to eat. It was so cool to have deer poolside. May have been the best part of canning!

Aubrey stayed out and helped Paul all day. She was such a good helper even when it got cold outside.

I have no idea what is going on with her hair!
The kids and daddy also made one batch of dehydrated apple slices. They were yummy but I think we were so over apple at this point we just abandoned them.

EXPLORING: We have one baby gate in our living room and it is around the fireplace along with a gate that blocks the babies from going upstairs and we do keep front living room closed so that we can have one baby free room. Otherwise the house is free for all. With the older kids the only cabinets I locked was the one under the sink and one in the bathroom. I hate having to always unlock a cabinet before going into it. When the babies became mobile I quickly realized that the tubberware drawer was not okay when 4 babies were constantly getting into it. I just could not spend my day picking up containers. We use a yard stick that runs through three drawers and we have 2 other cabinets that are zip tied together. It is amazing how quickly one of them finds the drawer or cabinet we forgot to baby prof when we took something out. I seriously think a red light flashes that only they can see.
They love these chairs that Grandpa Rich made the twins years ago. I am sure if we had six of them they would still fight over them.

'Mom we promise we won't pull anything off the shelves if you just let us go in for a little bit.'

The big kids are very quick at letting us know if a baby snuck in. The babies do tend to head right for the piano so they often alert us themselves.

This is one of the cabinets we keep zip tied.

'Just getting you a coffee mom.'
SCHOOL: The girls are still loving school but I think they are a little excited to have some time off for Christmas. They have asked for some play dates though so I know they will be missing all of their BFF's as they came home this week and told me about. How is it that they are already using the term BFF?
Star of the week

Under her hobbies she wrote 'Be with my mom' and that would definitely be Natalie's favorite thing to do.

Daddy date night at school. Natalie asked daddy if he would dress like he just came home from work. They were the most dressed up daddy/daughter duo but the girls had so much fun. They still are talking about the night they got to get all dressed up and then pick up medicine for Tate afterwards. Such good memories those two have.
The girls love doing school work so I found them a home school program for them to do. Even Drew has a preschool program set up that he loves.
 THANKSGIVING: I have very few pictures from Thanksgiving this year. When I am hosting I forget all about pictures until after everyone goes home. Must get better at that. 
Molars have not been friendly with Tate.
Auntie & Kenzie
Isabella & her Godfather
The adult table. Grandma paid the big girls to babysit the babies in the playroom while we ate. We were asked multiple times if we were done eating yet!
Someone has been drinking and I don't think it was Drew
GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS: We have been playing Christmas music since before Halloween but I just can't decorate until after Thanksgiving. There is something so peaceful about Christmas decorations, that is until the day after Christmas and then I am ready to have my house back! So until then I am going to enjoy the sparkling lights, the smell of pine needles and the baby gates that keep the big kids Christmas trees safe from 4 toddlers. 
Because we had to the babies with us to pick out our Christmas tree we had to pick a place that would allow us to push the babies in their quad stroller. Next year we are back cutting our own tree instead of finding one in a lot.

Checking out all the Christmas toys mom brought out.

After about four days of trying to keep babies from touching the trees we added baby gates to keep little hands from taking every single ornament off the tree. Thankfully our big tree is in the non baby living room so no gate surrounds it.

So that was our November. Now we can move onto December which pretty much can be summed up by calenders, cookie making, receiving gifts from neighbors, 48 hours of snow, and mom being sick multiple times. Now that it is December 13 already, where has the time gone, it is time for sending out Christmas cards (mine are currently stuck in our mailbox after I lost the mailbox key. Yup great time of the year to do that!), finish last minute shopping online because I am not into store shopping when I can have it delivered to my door in 2 days. Thank you Amazon Prime. And then before we know it we will be watching the girls perform the Nativity at their Christmas program and that is when our Christmas will officially begin. Two weeks of no school, mom taking vacation days, and dad working less hours. Yup I am ready for Christmas!

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