November 02, 2013

I Need To Create An App

October was an awful month for me and blogging. Not because I didn't have anything to write about. I had many posts written but the problem was all of these posts were written in my head. I so wish I could create an app that could take what I write in my head and get it to appear online. I do a ton of 'writing' in the car. Ever since starting the blog I think in blog form. Those who write blogs will understand what I am talking about and if you don't well just act like you do. The issue that I have is the minute I get out of the car I don't have time to get to the computer to type out the most amazing post that I wrote during my drive. October was just plain busy. We had a big health scare with Paul which pretty much put our life on hold and we went into serious planning mode which thankfully we do not have to put into action. We are still trying to get our house transformed into a home. I actually was so proud of myself when I got Halloween decorations up 2 days before Halloween! And as the days have gotten shorter I seem to lack motivation once the sun goes down.

But I vow November will be better for me in blog land. My life will get typed out because I miss my weekly therapy sessions on blogger. Today we will just get back into it slowly because we have 18 bushels of apples and pears to get canned this weekend so I don't have much time to write much but I promise to be back soon with Halloween pictures (a holiday I decided this year I really dislike) and a 15 month update on the babies. They are getting so big and I have major baby fever. How can it be that a mom of 7 still gets baby fever? I have also had many request for more pictures of our new house so I will do a tour in pictures soon. Just want to get a couple more rooms looking a little bit more homey before I whip out the camera.

Those apples are not going to get washed, cut and steamed by themselves so I will leave you with a bunch ton of pictures from the last month.
The girls are so good about coming home and doing their homework right away.

Bottles...a thing of the past.

The kids are always coming to show me some animal they found in our yard. They better never bring me a snake or there will be lots of screaming going on.
Fuzzy picture but sometimes the girls get to dress the babies.

Often the leader in the group...

and the followers,

Not always good times around here

but if daddy shows you a baby lizard

a smile may appear again.

Our Saturday mornings.

Kenzie's hair is getting longer!

The girls will do these prep books all day long.
Family movie night of 'The Wizard of Oz'

Sibling Love: Nothing more awesome in life.

Efficient baths for 7.

Big kid fun at Funderland with mommy.

Lunch date for the oldests. Restaurant choice may have been influenced by mom.

Many meals held poolside because clean up is so easy.

Drew made replicas of auntie and uncle.

Hat day at school.

Red sock day.

Our weekend plans!!
A little video for Grandpa David because he commented how much he likes them!


  1. Thank you for the update! I totally understanding thinking in blog posts and look forward to more updates in November!

  2. I also think in blog posts, too funny! And OH YEAH I have a 15 month blog to do... so many things to blog, so little time! Very cute pictures, I love seeing how you guys do life. Totally normalizes it for me!


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