November 25, 2013

A Moment in Life One Never Forgets...

is the time one is handed their very first Oreo. It is a right of passage. A symbol that one is loved. One will never be the same again. Since it is the time of year to be thankful; I am thankful that I have lots of children to share a package of Oreos with because otherwise I would eat the entire package all by myself. Which also means I would need a gallon of milk all of my own too because one can not have an Oreo without a glass of milk.

The big kids are at Auntie and Uncle's house tonight having a sleepover so I decided the little kids need something special too. Paul couldn't believe I was sharing and he thought I was crazy since he knew they would be messy. I already needed to wash the floors (they were disgusting!) so some added stickiness was not going to give me an added task and it was bath time immediately following dinner so there was no better timing. I did not hear one bit of protesting from any of the four except when someone was taking too long with the sippy of milk. Next time we will teach them the art of dunking the cookie into milk and pulling it out at just the right moment before it is lost to the bottom of the cup but that may have to wait until the next package lands mysteriously in my shopping cart because I am not sure if mom and dad are up for sharing anymore of this package.
"No Mom, I have nothing in my mouth. What would make you think I do?"

I will be doing a day in the life post soon. Our amazing photographer & friend, Monica, came to our house for an afternoon back in August and spent about 4 hours with us to capture what life is like with 7 kids, age 5 and under. I thought it would be a good time to answer any questions you may have. So if you have anything you would like to know about us or how we do certain things ask away!


  1. Is there any significance to the necklaces your little ones wear or is it just something you like? Looks like everyone loved their Oreo treat!

    1. I'm pretty sure those are amber teething necklaces. My twins wear similar necklaces. They are supposed to help with teething discomfort. I'm not sure either of my boys would have had a hard time with teething in general, but they definitely drooled less with them on, so we are just leaving them there until all their teeth are in. Can't hurt.

  2. I can't wait to see the "Day in the Life" post!


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