October 10, 2013


I love fall. There is not a season I like more and each year I wish it would stay around longer when it's time to say good-bye as winter blows in. I love the warmth that fall brings and I am not talking about the temperature. It's the colors of red, yellow and orange. It's the comfort of long pants and cozy clothes. It's the snuggles in bed as you enjoy just a couple more minutes of a warm bed. It's the scent of pumpkin candles (I go through more candles in October and November than I do any other time of the year). And there is something to be said about the meals that one begins to prepare as the days get shorter. They shout comfort as they cook all day long in the crock pot filling the kitchen with the yummiest of smells.

Fall also means the annual trips to the pumpkin patches and to Apple Hill. The girls are now at an age where they remember doing these things the previous year. I love listening to them tell us what they remember and for some reason I am not surprised that the memories my girls have are of food! This year when we told them we were going to Apple Hill they couldn't wait for the apple cider, the apple pie and the apple donuts. I was right there with them in regards to the donuts. Oh my when it comes to warm, just out of the fryer apple donuts it is bound to be a slip on the good old diet. May as well enjoy 2 or 3 of them while your at it!

As Paul and I were driving the 38 miles, which took an hour and a half on back roads, we talked about our time last year at Apple Hill. The babies had only been home a month. We were sleep deprived. We were on a strict three hour feeding and pumping schedule. The babies took forever to finish their measly 2 ounces. I ran out of diapers for Drew and had to borrow one from another family in the parking lot. But the thing is we did make it to Apple Hill last year so my kids could make memories. Sometimes it isn't always easy to do things and you wonder if it really is worth it. Our kids don't remember that we weren't use to all the stares and questions we got last year on our first big family outing. They don't remember that at a couple stops only one parent got out because it was easier for one parent to stay in the car then unload all the babies. Instead they remember all the apples daddy got to make applesauce and of course all the junk food they got to eat that day.

Each year as the kids get a little older adventures get easier. There is less stuff to pack and the whole day just seems to have less stress. I wonder what age the kids will be when they no longer want to hang out with us for the day? I am all for bribing with bringing friends along when that day comes!
And a couple of the little ones after bath because I didn't get many of them at the hill!

This girl is teething bad. All she wants to be is held all. day. long.

I am the funniest little boy ever.
A little video of the boys before bed.

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  1. What fun memories for your kids! Thank you for sharing!


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