September 12, 2013

We are still around...just under a million boxes!

Well we are officially living in our new home. It has been a looooong week and I wish I cold say everything has found a new place to reside but we are so far from there. I am finally able to see my entire kitchen floor though which makes me feel we are actually making progress. We have only a couple things left at the old house and I am heading over there in the morning to give it a good clean so we can turn the keys over next week to our renters. Being done at the old house will help immensely with the time we spend running back and forth.

We are doing things a little backwards by unpacking what we need and organizing the rooms and then we will work room by room to give each room a fresh look on life. This will include painting, new closet organizers (this needs to happen ASAP since we tore out most of the ones that were here when we moved in), outlet covers that all match, and getting new light fixtures and doorknobs in many of the rooms. We will then eventually attack the bathrooms but that will be for a rainy day many months from now!

We are without Internet service til next Thursday but I wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about blogging. It's just that I can hardly make it to my bed most evenings after Paul and I eat dinner at 10:30 at night. Moving is exhausting and I don't want to do it for a very long time. If someone tells me I need to I may just lay on the ground a throw a huge two year old tantrum.

I can't stop in and say hi without a couple pictures so courtesy of my phone a couple shots of the last week for your viewing. Sorry if you are Facebook friends with me, most of these you have seen!

Lots of landscaping to be done but it will look awesome when my dad and Paul get done.

Love, love, love having a kitchen island!

My little fishes come home from school and finish their homework so they can swim til dinner and then they are back in until bath time.

We get the most amazing sunsets in our backyard.

We have 2,000sqft of covered area between the front porch and the backyard pool deck. It is so nice being able to bring the babies outside more and they hardly ever fuss when outside.

One of the features we love in the house is an outdoor shower. The big kids have taken more outdoor showers than indoors and I have found that the distance from the kitchen to the outdoor shower is much closer than the kitchen to the upstairs bathroom!

We have already had breakfast guest. Whenever Drew leaves with Paul he always tells me that I have to be quiet so that I don't scare the deer.

One of the moments that it always hits me that I have four babies all of the same age is when they have their bottles. Most of the time they roll into each other and have some part of the their body touching someone else. I fall in love with the fact that I have quads everyday during bottle time. 


  1. What a wonderful new home!! I love the big great room off your kitchen--lots of good family living will take place there!

    The pool looks wonderful. Is it fenced off in any way? That would be a big worry for me with 4 toddlers, altho I'm sure you have it figured out. They will early swimmers, I'm sure!!

    Anyway, it is just a wonderful home and looks very family friendly! I know you will enjoy many, many happy years there together.

    Hopefully you will let us see pictures as you settle in.

    Isn't God good?


  2. LOVE the new place! Love the spacious land, the indoor space (aren't islands great!!?), the roomy covered outdoor areas, the pool, the outside shower....sounds fantastic! So glad you have a home to sprawl out in now and it sounds like you guys are enjoying it so much. Same way I feel about our new house. Been 2 months in it now and still have boxes in the garage but I'm finally getting the kids room decorated (slowly) and am constantly reminding myself I swore to enjoy the "settling in" process once we got a home. Beats apartment life any day!

  3. This house looks just perfect for you all! I can see the wonderful memories being made already.


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