September 27, 2013

Sacramento Parent

Today as I was at the dentist with the kids I turned around and in attempt to count kids off (1, 2, 3, 4,....) to make sure I had everyone accounted for I caught a glimpse of a picture from our latest photo session. Now you may be asking yourself how did I come across a picture of our family in the dentist office? Well our family is the cover story in this months issue of Sacramento Parent. It is a free magazine that is available at many doctor and dentist offices, at hospitals, at restaurants and many other places that have long waits. I quickly grabbed the magazine and was anxious to read the article "And Baby Makes SEVEN!...A Journey to Family".

Around the time of the quads first birthday the opportunity arose for us to be featured in a magazine. For the longest time I turned down all media opportunities. It just wasn't for us but for some reason I now felt is was time to share our story more publicly than just here on the blog. Why? Not sure. I just knew we needed to. Maybe someone who picks up the magazine is trying month after month to have their own child. Maybe someone has just been diagnosed with cancer and needs to know there is hope. Maybe there is a reason and only He knows what it is. Whatever the reason it was now time to share our struggles and our joys. I am not sure where this magazine article will take us. I am lately feeling more of the need to share our story. I am not sure if this is in a public speaking format or a book but I do know we are not a tv show contrary to what many tell us! So we will see...

I have linked up the article for anyone that would like to read it and please feel free to share if you know if anyone it will give hope to.

"And Baby Makes....SEVEN! A Journey to Family."

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