September 01, 2013

First Birthday Bash

Well the babies have been 1 for three weeks now and their party happened that long ago too but for the sake of looking like I am totally on top of things we are going to act like it happened last weekend.  Or we will just state the reality that this mom has totally fallen behind!

As the months started getting closer and closer to August I knew I needed to start thinking about the quads first birthday. Probably back in February (yes I really did start thinking about their first birthday that far in advance) I saw a birthday party that my college roommate had planned for her son. Let's just say it was one of those parties that you would find in Parent magazine. The kids all had custom t-shirts. Every little detail was planned out and the party area was totally transformed from a dining room to a Lego workshop. She had even made a chandler out of a Lego bucket and Legos to go with the party theme. The coolest thing is my friend, who ended up marrying Paul's college roommate, has an etsy store that creates everything one needs to throw a party. I then did the most creative thing I did for the entire party, I emailed Taffie Wishes and they became my party planners. Yes I know it is hard being so creative! I was so excited the day my party in a box showed up at my doorstep and all I had to do was follow the step by step set-up guide she had drawn for me.

Tissue Paper Confetti Ballons. So easy!

The theme for the quads party was 'Hugs & Kisses & Birthday Wishes'. There were little X&O's all over the home to keep with the theme and the babies may have gotten one or two kisses throughout the day too. We had a fabulous time celebrating our survival of the first year the quads first birthday. They had no idea what the big deal was but we enjoyed the beautiful day, good food, delicious cake, and a slide or two down the water slide. When the day was done I think I was more tired than I was during the first 3 months of the quads at home. It still amazes me when someone asks me how old the babies are and I say 1 but I know all too quickly my answer will change to 2 so I am going to go soak up this year before it to passes.

Hugs & Kisses & Birthday Wishes to my four 1 year olds!! 

 and now for some major picture overload...

Party Beverages:

"This party stuff is just way to exciting. Not sure if I can handle it."

 Sugar Rush:

Trying to figure out why everyone is singing and look at them.

"Is everyone taking pictures of me?"

I think this was the start of a sugar coma.

Still going at it.

Why are the boys the cleanest?

"If you don't mind I will just take this with me."
Clean up duty

Friends & Family:

Father & Son

Kids table. There was another Pinterest worthy banner outside made by Taffie Wishes but of course I didn't get a single picture!

The four extra kids are 2 sets of twins who I have met through a twin group on Facebook. All the mommy's were due in October 2012.

Trying it out before the party and before water!

I don't know how kids spend hours on these things. Water from the hose is FREEZING.

Grandma Pat decided no swimsuit was needed.

His lips were blue by the time the slide was finally hauled away that night.

Auntie Nikki finally getting the courage up to ride the slide.


  1. What a fun party! Loved their birthday outfits and the banners and cake and decor are adorable. You're not behind - you're just a busy mom!!

  2. Love how the girls are in blue and the boys are in pink, well, magenta!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It is all precious!!!! It is incredible how fast times flies with four babies. I'm having a hard time saying mine are 13 months already.

  4. What fun, Krista! The theme and decorations are so precious. These pictures could go in any parenting magazine! Thinking & Praying for you, Paul & kids during the next few weeks of craziness!


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