August 21, 2013

With One Blink They Became Kindergartners

I have no idea how my little girls have gone from tinny tiny newborns, to toddlers who loved the words 'no' & 'why', to shy preschoolers, to now kindergartners. It just doesn't seem like they are old enough to take this next step. I have a feeling I will feel this way for the rest of my life; that my children are moving at a faster pace than I really want to accept.

The last month has been very stressful for me because when we found out we were moving I had exactly a month to figure out what we were going to do for school for the girls. We had them already enrolled in a local charter school which took a little work getting both girls into after only Aubrey had been accepted. I know, so weird that only one child would get in and not a sibling but after many phone calls both girls were finally accepted. We were so excited for them to attend this charter school. We felt it was a good compromise since we are not at a stage in our life that we can home school yet which we would love to do someday. Those 4 'littles' just take up a little too much time at this point.

Lunches packed with a kiss from mom (the kisses came back home with them and we quickly found out that no candy is allowed at school. Opps mom's mistake!)

Daddy had his one day a month that he has to go into work for meetings so he left the girls a note. They then left a note taped to the front door for daddy for when he returned thanking him for the note he wrote them.
Once we knew we were moving I started looking into both the public and private schools around our new home and also trying to figure out logistically if we could commute the thirty minutes each way to keep the girls at the charter school. It is very hard to research schools in the middle of the summer when most school offices are closed. The internet can paint one picture and then when you read reviews you get a totally different take. I spent many hours trying to figure out what would be best for our girls. I very quickly crossed off the public school system. Public schools are just not for Paul and I. We have our reasons and because I never enjoyed the time spent in English class on debates I am going to leave it at that.

Next we talked a lot about keeping the girls at the charter school. Paul wanted to make the drive each day. I knew that as much as I wanted the girls to go there that after the first month we would begin to dread the time spent in the car. The kindergarten at the charter school was for 3 hours every day. It was not enough time to run home and then back so we would have to stay in town. The girls were signed up for afternoon kindergarten which of course meant the babies would never get an afternoon nap. We just couldn't do it. It took us a long time to finally decide that we would have to decline our acceptance into the school.

Finally it was down to private schools. There are two private schools near us; one 2 miles away and the other 15 or so miles the other direction. The farther one is a Christian school that goes K-12. We heard great things but after looking at the tuition and minimal price breaks for siblings we knew it just wasn't possible. So that left the school which was so close to our new house, A Catholic School! The night we put our offer in I started looking at this school and of course one of the first things I looked at was tuition. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw that after 3 children are enrolled any additional siblings are FREE! I could not believe it. We started to then do some serious looking into the school. I read reviews. I looked at test scores. I talked to parents who had sent their children there. At the beginning of August we got to meet with the Kindergarten teacher and the girls feel in love and to be honest so did I. When we were down looking at the garden and the girls were asking their 4,563rd question and I was giving the annoyed, you have asked way to many questions answer their teacher was still explaining everything just as you would imagine a kindergarten teacher doing! She may at the end of the year though start changing her tune and start giving the annoyed answer after my inquisitive daughters are in her class.

A very happy Grandma that her granddaughters are getting a Catholic education.
We now have two little Catholic school girls and today as they had their first day of school the memories of my own days at a Catholic elementary school started coming back. The songs at mass that I still know by heart and now my girls will be learning them. The friendships that will be made that will carry them through high school because they will spend the next 9 years with the same class of 19. The values that they will be taught that will hopefully carry them through the rest of their life. This decision is right for our family and we are so excited to join our new community at school. It is not only exciting for the girls but for Paul and I too because this is the next step in raising our children into adults.

I did not shed a tear today because they were so excited to start their new adventure. They were in my room at 6:05 this morning asking if they could put on their uniforms. They were not happy with me when I told them they needed to wait until after breakfast. They were not going to their first day of school with egg yolk on their shirt! After mass my mom and I walked them to their room and gave them a kiss at the kissing bench and they both waved and walked to their teacher who was waiting with her arms open ready to welcome them with a hug. I heard Natalie ask where she should put her 'reading' box and I knew they were going to do just fine. Aubrey and Natalie each have their best friend with them all day long. They are so excited for their new role as kindergartners and tonight Aubrey told me three times, "Mom, thank you so much for letting me go to that school."

Natalie & Aubrey, Mom and Dad could not be prouder of you. You are both so smart, love life and are so excited to be friends with anyone. I cannot wait to watch you blossom this year. And I only hope that your excitement for homework continues the rest of the year because you couldn't wait to get home to show me the papers that I was suppose to read from your homework folder today!!


  1. So sweet! Those have to be the cutest uniforms I've ever seen. :) What are those boxes for? Is there something inside of them?

  2. Hi Krista, Lisa shared your blog with me. Jacob really wanted me to just "drop him off" today, he tried to convince me the whole drive to school! He did get dressed before breakfast, so of course he spilled milk on shirt and pants. (luckily no blueberries, though!)
    If you see me tomorrow morning, remind me to introduce you to one of your new neighbors, they have a 6th grader and 2nd grader and they live 4 houses down from your new home!

  3. Oh what a big day! The girls are so precious in their uniforms!

  4. I love reading about your beautiful family! The girls looked so pretty! Time is flying by especially for such a busy mom like you!

  5. Absolutely it goes by in a blink! I got teary reading this because I am amazed my baby is going to Kindergarten, too. She is so ready and in a way I am too, but at the same time I just want life to slow down! SOOOO glad you found a great Catholic school where the littles will get to go for FREE!


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