July 19, 2013

Time Flys....

when you're having fun and that is exactly how this summer is going. There is something to be said about fall and the return of routine as school starts back up but for now we are enjoying our time spent outside, summer afternoon naps, playing at the park, obtaining the summer glow at swim team, and later bedtimes just because it is still light out. Blogging has taken the back burner only because by the time we call it a wrap in the evenings this momma is done and uploading pictures and getting creative requires work. I am coming back soon though because it is cheap therapy for me and I miss it. I also have stuff to tell you all about!

My sister is now married and thankfully back from her honeymoon to Paris. Ten days out of the country was way to long without being able to call her. I will post all about her big day as soon as I get pictures. I was enjoying every moment of her day as my camera sat in its case but let me tell you my little sister was beautiful.

We also have some big things happening for our family that has come a year sooner than we had expected but we are so excited. I will share more soon but for now I will say the big news may or may not have something to do with the picture below.

I promise to come back soon with some pictures of my almost one year olds who are now VERY mobile and as Paul says follow us around like they are little puppies. Between them and some other kiddos who are often whining/bickering because it is the middle of summer constantly asking questions we know we are very loved!

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