July 02, 2013

June wrap-up and Instagram

The house is quiet. All seven kids are napping and I should be ironing or packing for my sisters wedding which is in 3 days. But instead I find myself sitting at the computer baffled that we are already into July. Where does the time go? How do the days turn into weeks which then turn into months? Please someone tell me how to slow things down. The time is slipping by and I really don't want everything to be going by so quickly.
Santa diapers in June? Anything goes when you have quads!

We are always watching underfoot now since we have crawlers.
Since I have not found how to slow down my days and add more hours to my day this blog is not only the happenings of our day to day life but also my photo album so today I must add some more photos from June before they get lost in the file 'June 2013' on my computer. Does anyone really print off pictures anymore to keep in a photo album anyways? I can remember the large photo albums my mom kept in our basement and I loved looking though them but over the years the pages started tearing and pages would be out of order. The photos themselves became yellow and often I would wonder why my dad took so many pictures of the deer he shot during hunting season that had now found itself hung upside down in our garage. What will my kids think of the pictures I take and find absolutely adorable? 
"Dad I have no idea who made this mess but I know it wasn't me!"

Saturday morning cartoons. They had set it up all by themselves.

Crawling can be dangerous around here.

Someday I WILL take a class on photography because I love capturing my kids. My camera sits in our kitchen for easy accessibility (except for when the SD card is sitting in the printer. The only thing I do that frustrates my husband!) so that I can quickly grab it if the kids are looking cute. I have found that I take so many more pictures this way than when the camera sat in its bag in my bedroom. Also since my phone is usually within reach I take a ton of pictures on that too. At the end of the month I make a folder on the computer and download all pictures to it for the month. I seldom go through and delete any. Why? Because I have a fear of something happening to one of my children and not having enough pictures of them. Even the blurry, bad ones would mean so much if my worst fear would happen so I don't delete any and I will get a bigger hard drive when I run out of storage space. We all have our fears and this just happens to be one of mine.

Oh my, Paul not only included me in the family photos once...

but twice!!
Because I know everyone doesn't think my kids are as cute and adorable as I do and I often feel like I am posting pictures all the time on Facebook and people probably roll their eyes when they see another one posting from me so I have now succumbed to opening an Instagram account. My husband's remark on this was 'you joined another thing?' I told him it wouldn't take up nearly the amount of time Facebook does AND it has some really cool editing features. So if you want another way to keep up with us you can follow us at littlestlesnaus. I promise to only post cute pictures!
"Hey Rylan did you get one of these bagel things too?"

"Is it this round circle thing?"
"What do they expect us to do with this?"

"People stop talking about it and just eat the thing."
Okay now I really do need to get ironing before the kidlets wake because once they are up my time is not my own. And I have a date night tonight with the handsome husband of mine so I must get busy now. Oh and if anyone has a good program that you use for automatic updating of your hard drives to an external site please let me know. We currently use one but want to switch to a new one. Another fear I have is loosing all of my pictures either due to a computer issue or a fire. Can you tell I have lots of fears regarding pictures of my kids?!?
I have noooo idea where she gets her ocd from.


"Some people came and put us over here. We did not move over her by our self. We are telling the truth."
Playing school during summer break


  1. Cute photos - love the one of you with all four!!

  2. Your kids and their photos ARE adorable! My parents crack me up, they have digital cameras and smartphones, but DO still print them. They give me envelopes of printed pictures that I have NO idea what to do with. I upload pictures almost daily and they are a total mess on my computer. One day I fear the dinosaur of a computer I have will crash feom the pictures. Keep snapping photos. These babies are growing up WAY to fast!

  3. Tag...you're it! I nomitated you for the Leibster Blog Award. Details are here:

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these adorable pics...and excited to be following you on Instagram!

  5. We use Mozy home. Have had the on-line back-up site for a couple of years now. Bought the subscription after our computer crashed and I thought all was lost...yikes! We were able to recover all the pics. = ) Auto back-ups as often as you want. Love following your blog. I can't believe their first birthday is right around the corner.


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