July 10, 2013

30 Days Until It's TIme to Celebrate

How can it be that I am only 30 days away from saying my babies are ONE? How have we almost survived the first year of having quads? I can honestly say most of those days we have had smiles on our faces which was also quite honestly accompanied by some awesome dark circles around our eyes from lack of sleep but we still had those smiles! I feel as if we just brought home four teeny tiny newborns but only taking one look at them I know so much time has passed from the days of watching my little ones from the outside of their isolettes.

This is the group shot you get at 11 months because...

this is what happens in a blink of an eye.

You my dear are the stars in your daddy's sky. You are his little princess and if you ever want anything go to daddy first because I can guarantee he will say yes to anything you ask of him. You are 11 months but still wear 3-6 month clothing and there are probably many 0-3 month pieces you could fit into. A porcelain doll you are but one that is not afraid to try anything. You were the first to start crawling, an army crawl which included many face plants, but you got to where you wanted to go. You have now perfected that army crawl and pull yourself up on everything. Keeping you sitting in the bath tub is entirely a lost cause. I am sure it will not be long and you will be walking. You are not a fan of anything with avocado in it and will let us know by spitting it back at us. Actually as soon as you have decided you have had enough of anything we are serving you make sure we know by allowing us to wear whatever we are feeding you. You have gotten a couple taps to your lips for this and you give big alligator tears when you get in trouble. You love to talk and your favorite word is 'dada'. I believe this is one of the reasons daddy is so in love with you right now even though he knows that you say 'dada' to everything! Your big sisters still can not let you be alone and they are often getting into trouble because they are always picking you up, holding you or taking you somewhere. It amazes me that you have reached any milestones with the amount you are held. You my little girl have always been small but mighty. When we pictured a Kenzie while pregnant we always pictured a feisty little girl and you are just that.

As Daddy is always saying 'you just keep getting more and more beautiful'. You grace us with your smiles more each day and you love your mom and dad. You are not so sure about much of the world but give you a second or ten and you will warm up. Within days of watching your sister take multiple head butts you decided you needed to show her how it was done. You took off as if you had been doing it for ages and you had it mastered to a T. We will seldom find you in the living room but instead you will be hanging out in the hallway, the kitchen, under the dining room table or your absolute favorite- your sisters' room. You still are perfecting your rolling R's when you cry and if you ever do a voice over someday no one will ever guess that you are anything but Mexican the way you can roll those R's. You are a very good little eater and eat anything we give you but you do enjoy feeding yourself table food. You usually are grabbing for more food off your tray as we are trying to wipe you down. Isabella you are my littlest girl and I just can't believe I have been your mommy for 11 months already.

Tate (aka: Taters or Tater Tot):
You remind me so much of your big brother Drew. You are fuller than life and have a big cheesy grin for anyone that looks your way. We did find out during the last month though that you do have a grumpy side to you. Put you down in one spot without the ability to move when you really want to and we have one unhappy little boy that voices this frustration quite loudly. Thankfully in the last two days you have really figured out how to get places very effectively and have even managed to get yourself lost in the hallway and had to yell to get back to the rest of your family. If another baby is playing with a toy your main mission in life is to steal said toy. NO other toy will work for you except for the toy that someone else has. That is until another toy is picked up by another baby then your mission changes and you now need that toy. You have become too heavy for the big girls and they will often refuse to move you or bring you to the table because you are 'just to heavy for them'. I have a feeling the reason you are so solid is because you down your bottle in no time and then go around and literally steal a bottle from someone who is not quite as fast as you. I am seeing a trend of stealing going on with you and I hope it ends in infancy. Of all the babies you are probably the one who likes to sit and snuggle the most and I soak those moments up and absolutely love when I put my nose to your hair you still smell like baby. Please don't grow up Taters because I am so in love with the little boy you are.
"You want me to sit for what?"

"A picture? Yeah right mom."

"I ain't got time for things like that."

"Mom right now is not the time for pictures. Help a man out?"

I should have written this letter to you yesterday because today you were very trying but I will act as if today never happened for the next five minutes! Just like Tate you love to greet everyone with a smile but where your brother's is big and cheesy yours just makes people melt. You love to be tickled and have an awesome laugh that comes out when the tickle monster gets you. You have no problem crawling over your siblings or pulling their hair but if one of them even touches you you make sure we all know someone has just violated your personal space. Each milestone you hit makes mommy and daddy so happy and we were giddy when you were the first to go from lying down to sitting. You have now figured out crawling and are right there with the others pulling  yourself up to standing. We have discovered you are not a fan of falling from standing height though. Rylan James you give your mom so many reasons to smile.

Tate going in for the steal with brother keeping a watchful eye.

Personal space has just been infringed on and we are all being made aware.

In less than one month you will be 12 months old. To me it is truly amazing. I have already begun to put myself in the places I was this time last year and I know those moments are going to happen more and more frequently in the coming weeks. The day you were born holds so much meaning for me. The emotions I felt I can still feel almost 365 days later. Emotions of joy, fear, amazement and compete awe of God's master plan. The four of you have taught me so much in the last 11 months and I will forever be thankful that I am blessed to be the one you call mom.


  1. This is a beautiful post, Krista! Love seeing their little personalities develop. And all four of them are gorgeous! You are very, very blessed. Any big plans for their 1-year birthday, or are you keeping it low-key? Shall we fly out? ;)

    1. Yes Heather I demand you purchase a ticket because it will not be a party without you, Steph and those two adorable men in your life!

  2. They are just perfect, Krista! Next week my four turn 1 and Jenna turns 5... and I am such a teary mess because this year has just flown by and I can't believe babies are turning into toddlers and pre-schooles are turning into schoolers! It goes so fast. Blessed we are!

    1. You and I can share a box of Kleenex because I am not accepting that our kids are getting bigger.

  3. You did it!!!! Can't believe we all lived to remember that first year :) So glad to share this journey with you, the crew is adorable and you guys are doing fantastic!

    1. It is such an amazing journey that we are both lucky enough to share. So glad that I get to follow close behind in your footsteps.

  4. They are all so precious, big kids included! What a whirlwind year it's been. We have just one week before our quadlings turn one. It's exciting and bittersweet all at the same time. So happy to share this nutty ride with you, Krista.


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