June 16, 2013

Some days I hope we always remember

Today was AWESOME and I must sit down and write about it so that when I am old I can reminisce of this kind of day. Yes it was Father's Day and that was the beginning of why it was so amazing but that wasn't all of it. It was spectacular because nothing was planned and we just went with the flow of the day. No worries, no schedules, no have to's. It was just us, the nine of us, spending the day as a family. 

It started out with the kids allowing mom and dad to sleep in til 7:30 and when we woke they were all playing quietly together. They quickly jumped into bed with daddy to wish him a Happy Father's Day once we were awake and they were eager to give him his gift. Paul and I wanted to do something today and so in about 5 minutes we decided to head to the Jelly Belly Factory. We woke up at 7:30 and were out the door by 9:10 and we did not forget a single thing. We stopped for run in for bagels and strawberry milk for the big kids and Starbucks for mom at Safeway and we were off. A little Santa Paws, a few to many 'are we there yet' and naps for the babies and we arrived at stop #1. The kids loved seeing all the jelly belly's and enjoyed trying many different flavors even more. We all tried Tabasco and for those who have not tried it you are not missing anything! We then had a picnic lunch that we had packed from home before loading back into the van to continue our adventure. Of course with a little boy who is now potty trained no matter how recently they have just gone potty they have to go again. So after a pit stop or two we were at stop #2...Napa.

Saying 'hi' to everyone that passed by

Tate finishing off Kenzie's bottle. No milk to be wasted when Tate is around.

So yes I was just there last weekend and I do not drink wine. Well I use to not drink wine! I found a wine that I just love last weekend. I had bought two bottles and we will just say those two bottles only lasted four evenings. Paul was helping me for those that are thinking I have turned into a lush. The problem is that the wine I like is not sold in stores, only the winery where it is made. Paul and I decided we NEEDED more wine and since we were only thirty minutes away we were game. It is a beautiful drive and so it was a win/win situation for us. 
So yummy!!

Our third and final stop was what we consider a must when in Napa, Taylor's Refresher (I know they have changed their name but I don't know what it is!). They have a huge fenced in grassy area with tons of tables and umbrellas. We had brought a blanket and so with that in hand we found a shady area and just relaxed while the kids played. It was the best part of the whole day. The big girls practiced their somersaults and cartwheels in dresses that had them showing their undergarments but it was okay because it is summer. Drew was running around bugging his sisters which is what all little brothers are meant to do. And the babies played with mommy and checked out the grass while daddy was the photographer.After about an hour it was time to load up because we had no more bottles for the babies.
Mommy acting silly when teaching babies how to clap and sign words

Kenzie is the first one to sign more!

Kenzie is also the one that loves to attack her siblings

We got home and all seven kids got a bath. The babies each drank a huge 11oz bottle, well all except Kenzie who was satisfied with her usual 6, and the big kids were taken for a special Sonic Father's Day treat. The day is now ending. Kids are in bed, Paul is watching some car auction on tv, and I am sitting at the computer drinking the most wonderful glass of wine. Today was good. Today is a day I want to always remember. I only wish we had more days like today where life is simple and we are able to just let it happen.


  1. What a wonderful day chock full of wonderful memories to treasure for the rest of your life! Enjoy your wine!!

  2. Love it. Have you tried Moscato? Found a Stella Rosa at Costco that is so yummy.

  3. Awesome day!!! Love it when things go so smoothly, its so important we soak up the good times as you did today. I'm glad you are drinking wine, woman, its about time!! I frequently have a glass of cabernet in the evenings, glad you found one you enjoy. And you look really great, too!

  4. What a lovely day! You and Paul are inspirational. If you can do a three stop day, surely we can do a dinner out without helpers. As Amber B said, yay for you finding wine you enjoy. One glass some evenings is a great way to wind down.

  5. What a perfect sounding day! How great that your family was so spontaneous and just went for it. We all need a little more of that in our lives!! Thank you for that reminder. By the way, your kiddos are just so cute.

  6. Love the sign on the stroller! Would have loved to have that when my son was little! sounds like an amazing day! Thanks for sharing your adventures with your readers!



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