June 21, 2013

Goodbye 2's, Hello 3's

Today it is someone's special day. Today Drew you have a new answer when asked how old you are. You are now 3! I remember the day I walked into daddy's office and showed him the positive pregnancy test. I cried because I had not kept track of things I was suppose to and we were not ready to have another baby in addition to the two 16 month olds that were running underfoot but boy am I glad I forgot to keep track of my cycle.
You saw daddy and the camera and these were your next moves...

Oh how we love your BIG personality.

A mother does not have a favorite child but Drew you melt my heart so much. Maybe its because you are a boy. Maybe because you are my only singleton. Or maybe it is because you love life so much. Whatever it is I am so glad you are mine. 

You are 100% boy and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. You love to be loud. You love to climb. You love to jump and every toy becomes some sort of weapon. You smell like little boy even after a bath. 

In the mornings after you get dressed you climb in my lap and hold on tight. You love your couple  seconds of cuddles but mommy loves it even more. At night you have started making a game out of your tuck in time. After prayers you wrap yourself around me so I can not go out of your room. I put up a fight to get free but I treasure that embrace each night.

You are Spiderman and you don't let any of us forget it. If something isn't going right you have told us not to worry Spiderman is here as you enter the room. We have no clue where you learned about him but you have become him. It use to drive me crazy, okay it still does, having a kid jump on couches but with you I have literally given up. You just will not stop jumping. I have figured I really want a new couch anyways and if it keeps you entertained for 30 minutes while you play Spiderman or alligator than go ahead. 

When you wake the first thing you do is find mommy to say good morning and in the same sentence you are asking for breakfast. You always want one of two things: waffles/pancakes with syrup and homemade cool whip or cereal. You never get tired of eating the same thing for breakfast.You also are the best gum chewer. You ask for a piece of gum as soon as you are done with breakfast and you chew it the entire day. I have never known a two year old who can chew a single piece of gum all day long.

For being so little you are very determined and if you want something you will not forget about it all day long. You will repeat it over and over and over and.... You drive your mom and daddy batty some days with your persistence.

You are all for playing dress-up and makeup and love getting dolled up.
You little man bring so much joy to our family. You look up to your big sisters so much but at the same time are so gentle with your little brothers and sisters. We often have to remind ourselves you are only two because you keep up with your sisters as if you were already five. You are our middle child and it is a perfect spot for you. During the last three years you have given me so many reasons to smile, a few reasons to yell and have made my heart grow more than I ever knew was possible.

Happy 3rd Birthday Drew Bear
Sometimes you like to act like the baby...but not for long!

You love this job. You go and get the vacuum and plug it in all by yourself. I think if we would leave the room you would suck the food right off their trays.

You love your ipad time.


  1. Happy birthing day to you and happy big three to Drew!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Drew!
    He is such a neat kid and fantastic brother!


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