June 11, 2013

10 Months

I can easily put myself back in the spot I was a year ago. It was starting to get warm outside. I was starting to get really pregnant with four babies. Each doctors appointment I would get a pit in my stomach wondering what kind of report we would get. I was so focused on getting through another week because each week made such a huge difference. Each new pain became a concern that contractions were starting. And now a year later the weeks are flying by. My four babies are learning to crawl. They are eating finger foods from their high chairs of chicken, cheese, and pears. We are only TWO months away from surviving our first year with quadruplets! I'm not sure I am ready to have my babies become one but ready or not we are only two blinks away and they will be blowing out their candles. Okay maybe the big kids will be blowing out those flames but none the less there will be wishes made.

June 6, 2012

You my big boy have a major case of getting very upset when ever mom leaves the room. You are okay if you are busy playing with a toy but if you hear my voice or see me walking away you let me know that you are very unhappy with me. This was cute the first time or two but I no longer find it as enduring because mommy tends to come back and play with you which means I am getting less and less accomplished each day. For those that think multiples are difficult when they only eat, sleep and poop let me send you four 10 month olds! 

You are the happiest baby when mom is in site. You will sit and just smile away. You have always been the baby who finishes every last drop of your bottle but we are now throwing away some of your milk and you only get three bottles a day. Thankfully you can now go without a bib because your spiting up has gotten so much better. I did not find a bib a manly accessory so I am very happy to ditch it. You love blowing bubbles but thankfully have not tried blowing them at dinner time.

You make me laugh every single day because you are learning to crawl. You get yourself up on all fours and your butt gets a rockin' back and forth and then you lunge forward but you forget you must move your arms forward too. You end up face planting the floor every time and you get this look on your face as if to say 'what in the world just happened there'.  You are the mover in the group and if anyone is playing with a toy you quickly find a way to get over to them and grab it. In the last day you have figured out how to army crawl and are exploring areas in the house you have never been. Your older sisters have become frustrated with you because you don't leave them alone! You continue to have the attitude that you are small but mighty. 

It took you longer than anyone to figure out the concept of spoon feeds but you have it down now. You kick your feet and give us a high pitch motivational speech every time we are taking longer than it takes you to swallow a bite. We have also learned you take after your daddy when you are sick because you let everyone know how miserable you are as we found out recently when you got a cough and runny nose. We have figured out why you literally scream when Trish, your therapist, holds you...she has long dark hair. The only people you are around have blonde or light brown. Once we figured out why you dislike Trish we found it really funny. We really wanted to go to her but you cried as if someone was hurting you until she put her hair up and then you were okay. Oh Peanut how I love you.

Being one of seven you have figured out that if you continuously make wheezing sounds you will get alone time with mom when she takes you to the doctor. I again had to take you to urgent care because of how bad your wheezing got with a recent cold. When nebulizers were not helping you at all I knew it was time to take you in. I was fully expecting a night in the hospital and when we walked into urgent care I was not thrilled to find out there was a two hour wait but you helped us get seen very quickly once the receptionist heard you breathe. We had a doctor seeing us within 10 minutes after you had been red charted to be seen stat. The doctor was ready to send you over to ER as soon as he walked in the door but you threw us all a shock when he listened to your lungs and heard great air movement. Your wheezing was due to allergies and upper airway swelling. You are now on allergy medication every day and sound so much better. 

You continue to love sitting up to play with your toys and you also have figured out how to get up on all four and are starting to have a little forward momentum. We have not found a food that you do not like and will open your mouth like a birdie until every bite is gone. You are the only one that has teeth and you have two on the top and two on the bottom.

We have another smiler on our hands. You have been giving out smiles left and right. You now can sit for longer times but you know sitting gets you no where so you quickly start rolling to move. For some reason you have the need to find the hardwood floor. I don't know if you like the coolness of the floor or what but dude the carpet area is so much more comfortable. We have had to switch your crib because the window was just way to big of a distraction for you. It was starting to majorly interfere with your sleep. Your sister has done much better with the window view and your sleep has improved with the down grade. I do have to thank you for being the cleanest eater. You could pretty much eat without a bib because you do so well. I wish you would give your brother and sisters a lesson on how to stay clean. You also LOVE the television and if it is on you will figure out a way to watch it. 


At 10 months we have the following schedule:
7:30- We get you up and change your diaper. You stay in your jammies until after breakfast is over.
7:45- Breakfast of usually a fruit concoction and oatmeal
8:00- Bottle (5.5oz for Kenzie, 6 oz for the others)
9:20ish- nap
11:30is- start waking up and you get playtime
12:00- solids followed by bottle
1:30- nap
3:00- kids start waking up and again playtime
4:30- you tend to start getting very fussy so it becomes time to work on finger foods at the table. You have gotten puffs, cherrios, mum mums, shredded cheese, chicken, mango, banana, deli turkey, and pears. It is fun to have you eating real food but boy are you messy. Bailey would be so happy right now cleaning up after all of you but instead I find myself on my hands and knees picking up all the pieces that wind up on the floor and let me tell you you are defiantly getting more on the floor than in your mouths at this point.
4:45- Another serving of veggies/meat and occasionally dessert of fruit depending on how hungry you are
5:00- Baths and playtime and usually a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gets turned on to keep everyone happy
6:00- Final bottle
6:15-6:30 BEDTIME

Over the next couple of months we will be working on sippy cups and transitioning more to the quads feeding themselves. It is so fun watching them really become aware of each other and sometimes they really crack each other up which then has Paul and I laughing too. The big kids love playing with their babies and almost always are playing or reading to the babies when they are awake. I truly believe the babies get more exited to see Natalie & Aubrey than mom and dad. The other day Drew woke up from his nap and in his sleepy state he went and sat right next to Tate on the floor. Tate looked at him and just smiled. Drew reached over and rubbed Tate's check and smiled back. Paul and I just watched and it was the neatest thing. Those are the moments that melt a mommy and daddy's heart.

Some days I miss being pregnant with the four of you and still can't believe it is over but then I watch you all playing on the floor and I am in awe that we have four beautiful, amazing, perfect  10 month old babies. I am loving God's plan and even though I haven't always wanted to be going down the path He has shown me, He has never lead me astray. Thank you Lord for believing in me more than I believed in myself.


  1. A beautiful post of your beautiful babies!! Loved every single picture!

  2. Great post, you're nearly to one year!!

  3. So cute! Wow, Tate is your husband's clone! Kenzie looks like him, too, and I think the bottom 2, look like their mama!

  4. They are all so precious! When are you planning a move to the Big D???? I think a play date is in order ;)

    Oh tell me about the little busy bodies! We only thought newborn quads was busy, this is the real deal and they are only getting busier! And, napping less. Mama needs naps now!


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