May 28, 2013

We have movers

We use to have four little munchkins who when you would put on a blanket would just stay in one place. At one time we could fit all four on one 3ftx3ft piece of fabric with a toy overhead and they would all fit with not a one caring that another sibling was next to them. Those days are long gone. We now put down a twin size comforter that my Aunt Renee and my Grandma Lorraine made me for my high school graduation and it takes 2.2 seconds for all four babies to roll of said blanket. They now get stuck under tables, twisted in swings, or hung up on a bouncy chair. We often here from the older girls that they need to rescue so and so. One of Tate's favorite activities is to roll off the blanket and paint with his spit-up on the hardwood floor!
Can you spot all four babies?

We also now have sitters; well 3.5 sitters. Rylan only gets a 0.5 because he tends to quickly tell us he does not want to do it and would rather go explore Bailey's bed. Isabella has become our best sitter and she loves it. They often crash on top of one another but they really don't care unless they are getting kicked in the face or having their hair pulled. I love having babies with hair but lately I have wished for bald babies when I am untangling someones fist after they have reached for those oh so tempting locks of hair on their sibling for the 14th time that day.

He didn't get enough for lunch apparently because he was chowing down on his sister's foot.

I think I am ready for movers. Not 100% sure but I think it will be a very fun adventure over the next couple of months as the quads really start exploring their world. I am just hoping it is a long time before they can come find me when I get ready in the morning. All I want is 30 minutes each day to get ready by myself. I have a hard time already with three that the minute the shower turns on a force pulls them into my bathroom. What is with kids and a million questions when one is showering?

We are trying to avoid the baby quarrels that I don't think my Type A personality could handle. Our house is pretty much baby proofed as is so besides going through some of the big kids toys and getting rid of small choking hazards we are ready for the next phase of crazy.
Her eyes are huge. They give her a 'stunned' look in every single picture of her.

She is so little. Nine months and just hit 13 pounds!

Finishing up the Q&A post so one last chance to get your questions answered.


  1. I have loved "getting to know" your family over the last few months as I've been reading your blog and truly admire the positive attitude you have even though I'm sure at times with 7 young kiddos life gets a little stressful! With 7 kids do you manage to fit in any "me time" and if so, how do you do it? If you got all 4 babies on the same sleeping schedule, how did you do it?

  2. I notice all the babies are wearing amber necklaces. Do they really work? What are your views on them as a choking hazard?

  3. Movers are a game changer, but so much fun! Our quadlings have started the whole following thing, ironically when I run bath water of turn on sound machines for nap.
    Izzy's stunned look always cracks me up! Love it. We have the same Carter's two pack of dresses :). Our trip mom friend said her girls wore them as dresses last year and tops this year.


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