May 08, 2013

We are 9 Months!

For the last couple of months I have started your month post off by saying the last month was the best but this month I am having a hard time saying it only because I swear I was just typing your 8 month post 2 days ago. How in the world did another month past just like that? I need to find that pause button in life because I am just not ready to let this time be done already. There will come a time in your life, probably junior high, when you will feel like every. single. day. just drags on and life moves at a snails pace. Let me tell you that period in your life is short lived. Life started speeding up when I got to college but once I became a mom everything started going at light speed and I would give anything to have this time in my life slow down so I could continue enjoying you as my babies.
"Izzie mom only has 15 minutes to get our 9 month photo shoot done. She thinks she is going to sit us on the grass for the first time ever and get cute pictures. Can you put on your best act to let her know how foolish she is to try and accomplish this with only the assistance of Natalie, Aubrey & Drew. Okay...go!!!"
Some days I am shocked that you are already nine months old and then there are those times I can not believe it has only been nine months since I saw you for the first time. There are days I am so amazed at what you are doing and then I think about what your siblings were doing at this age and I wonder if you will ever catch up. Having preemies is so different than having full term kids and its sometimes hard to not compare. You are each amazing and it is so much fun watching you discover the world around you. At least with you being born 9 weeks early we really do get to have you as babies just a little bit longer than if you would have been born near your due date.

This last month you had me awake more at night than I find acceptable! You discovered how to roll easily from your back to your tummy but you were too lazy at night to go back when you realized you did not want to sleep that way. If it wasn't for the fact that you would bury your face into your mattress I probably would have made you figure it out after two weeks of getting up with you every hour to flip you. Thankfully you now like sleeping on your tummy and you are also very good at turning from your tummy to your back. So good that we can hardly keep you on your tummy to play. You are usually rolling before we even have set you done on your stomach. You by far are the best and cleanest eater when it comes to solids. There is nothing you do not like. During naptime you pretty much spend the entire time rolling around your crib sticking your feet through the slates and turning on your music aquarium. You also love looking out the window that is near your crib. You are usually the first to wake in the morning but are very happy spending that time having 'you' time.

"Mom, I don't have time to look at you so stop trying to get my attention. This green stuff is really cool by the way."

You are our little birdie when it comes to eating. You sit the entire meal with your mouth open just waiting for the next bite. You have started taking your bib and sucking on it after each bite which sure does make a mess! You were the first one to start vocalizing with constants. Dada is one of your favorite sounds to make. You are very unsure of new places and people. It takes you a while to warm up but once you do you are all smiles, except for the camera. I think in all the pictures we have of you you have this bewildered look on your face. I think part of it is because your eyes are so big and round and you don't care to smile once you see the camera come out. When you cry you have perfected the rolling 'r' sound. Mom and dad have no idea how you do it but boy can you get loud with it. You remain our best sleeper and often let us know when it is nap time before anyone else.You hit the crib, roll on your side and are out even before we can get the other three to bed.

Isabella true to her drama queen title did not find it acceptable to be touching green pokey stuff and she made sure to let all the neighbors know.

You have an absolute love for faces. No matter who is holding you you will reach up and gently feel their face. I wonder if you will be an an esthetician when you get older. This would benefit mom greatly so I have no problem if this is what you choose to do! You are our mover. You have figured out how to roll to get where you want to go and sometimes to places that you really didn't mean to. Today I walked out the front door and when I came back you had rolled to a spot that you could watch for me to come back in.  You are able to sit for about 5 minutes independently but you lean so far over when you do. You literally have your chest on your legs. You are our pickiest eater. You don't like things that are too sweet but you also are not a fan of plain vegetables and if something has any texture to it we know it is a no go with you. You do like puffs and mum-mums though so I think you will be like Drew who moved to table foods very quickly  and will skip the chunkier purees.

You have finally decided that there is more to life than just lying flat on your back!! You are very good at rolling but only when you want to. You do tend to get frustrated if you rolled accidentally and didn't really mean to go to your tummy. At these moments you totally forget that you do know how to roll to your back. You too can sit unassisted but sometimes you get a little top heavy and come crashing down. You have been boycotting naps this last month which has lead to some long days for both you and I. You don't want to nap but you don't want to play either. You only want to be held which I love having the chance to hold only one of you and get some snuggles on but 2 hours is a long time for you to expect me to be able to do this. You love watching your big brother Drew and he often has you giggling. I had been squishing you into some 6 month jammies lately and finally had a moment to go buy you some new ones the other day. I decided to just get 12 month and skip the 9 month altogether. The 12 month seemed huge but I decided to bring them home and try them on you. Daddy agreed that they were way to long and that I needed to go and get a couple pair of 9 month. I decided to wash up one pair and try them on and you shocked us both by fitting into them and you actually won't be wearing them long! You are going to be one tall boy but that doesn't come as much of a surprise. 

There is only 3 months until you guys hit the one year mark. I can't believe we have almost survived a year with quadruplets. Mom and dad have loved so much of it and we never thought we would survive as well as we are. The nicu stay was long and trying, the sleepless nights where just that- sleepless, lots of spit-ups and washing of clothes but the joy of seeing you sleeping each night in your room and knowing that we are your parents is truly a gift.  The coolest thing is now starting to happen: you are finding each other. There is nothing better than watching you hold hands while eating, sucking on each others fingers, or smiling at one another. You do have the tendency to find great joy in pulling each others hair which does not send out the 'I love my sibling' vibes. I can't wait to watch your relationships develop. I just wonder will you pair off or will you always be a team of four. 

I love you my quad squad and Happy 9 Months!!


  1. Hi Krista! I love reading your posts... there is realness and reality to them that I just adore. Do you know when you're going to do another Q&A post??

    1. I am so glad you enjoy reading about our family. I actually was just telling my husband that it's time fr another Q&A session! Please feel free to ask your question at anytime and I will answer it with the next Q&A post. I will be letting everyone know that a tell all is coming in my next post.

  2. I also enjoy reading your blog, always look forward to new posts, just don't always comment. You just have everything together and have a beautiful family, you are very blessed.....your children too are blessed with wonderful parents!

  3. Happy 9 months quadlings! I've been planning our crew's 1 yr party which is in just a few weeks...can't believe it!


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