May 28, 2013


The different seasons have different meanings for all of us. I love fall because of the colors and smells and it is probably my favorite time of year. I love summer too but I think I love it more for my kids than for myself. There is nothing better than having the windows open and hearing the voices and giggles of kids playing outside. To me it is one of the best sounds ever and I hope when I get to heaven these are the sounds that I hear.

To me summer is:

Fresh Cut Grass, Swimming, Later Bedtimes,

Fairs, Smores, Sun,

Grilling, Friends Over, School Out,

Picnics, Shorts, Naps Forgotten to Play Outside,

Babies Dressed in Onesies Only, & Otter Pops.

Summer gives us all a chance to be a kid again so take full advantage of it as you suck on a Popsicle or slide down a slip-n-slide. Summer only last a short time; what does summer mean to you?


  1. Summer means getting to travel more and spend lots of time at the beach and the pool! And I love the colored marshmallows in the s'mores!

  2. Sitting outside letting the evening turn into night, together with my husband, a good meal outside some rose wine.. And in the morning getting up early for work in the hospital when everythings light, birds singing! I love summer!!

  3. Love this! Summer is the time for sunshine and kicking back!


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