May 11, 2013

My tough little boy

When Drew started teething we noticed that one of his teeth was coming in twisted 90 degrees from his other teeth. It lined up exactly where his cleft incision was. When we took him to the dentist for a check-up after the tooth had come through we found out it was actually an extra tooth. There was no concern at that time but we knew eventually it would have to come out. We called it his silly tooth. At his last appointment the dentist and I discussed his silly tooth and when the appropriate time to have it taken out would be. I wanted to get it out before kids started teasing him at school and also before he would get scared of having it pulled. The dentist said at this time it would be better to get it out sooner rather than later because the roots would soon start getting squished by his adult teeth and would make extraction more difficult. 

His silly tooth
Friday was the day that we said goodbye to his silly tooth. We talked it up at home like he was going to Disneyland and he was so excited. Our kids LOVE the dentist by the way and often are asking when they get to go again. Dental groups geared towards kids are awesome! When Drew woke up this morning he was asking right away when he and mom were leaving. I had to tell him that Dr. Justin wasn't going to be there til after lunch when he started crying because I told him we wouldn't be going til the afternoon. We took lots of pictures to be able to remember his tooth and then it was time. My boy did not need to sit on his mommy's lap. He didn't freak out when his whole lip was numb. He didn't shed one tear the entire time. He got major kuddos from everyone there and I even saw that they had wrote in his chart 'did excellent for only being 2 years old'. I was so proud of him. 
Not nervous one bit

All numb...he looked so sad.

All done and still with a smile on his face
He got to go pick out some prizes and a balloon and he made sure he picked out a pink and purple one for his sisters. And since my kids have a love for Motrin he was quick to remind me when we got home that he needed medicine. It is different to not see his silly tooth anymore but I still find him absolutely adorable.
Our toothless kiddos

The tooth fairy came!
I wanted to also thank everyone for voting every single day for this little blog. I am sure you all were as tired of voting as Paul and I were. We took fifth which I think is unbelievable. I have to complete some questions for the Circle of Moms and I will let you know when that is done. And speaking of questions I know I have some new readers following the contest so I think its time to have another Q&A post. So post your questions and when I get a handful of them I will be happy to answer them. I also have a bunch of hodge podge pictures that will accompany them. So the more the questions the more the pictures that I will be able to post!!


  1. How could you not find out the gender of any of your children? I told myself I wasn't going to find out, but the ultrasound tech let it slip with the first and we couldn't wait for the surprise with our other two:D

    If you were to give each child a different name based on personality, what would they be? Maybe a sporty name, a long/elegant name or a unique name?

    What type of baby equipment were your "must-have's" with your children?

    Do you think your profession as a nurse helped prepare you for the NICU journey more or did you knowing the possibilities scare you more?

    Thank you and good luck to your family! The children are beautiful!

  2. I forget that Drew is only 2 yrs old, still a baby in my eyes. Questions: #1 Does Drew try to keep up with the big kids and does he ever want to go in the baby's stroller, or high chairs. #2 Do you & Paul ever get one on one time with the three older ones or do they all want to be together on an outing to the store or running an errand. #3 Does Drew miss the girls when they go to school? #4 Drew is the middle child and the only child that doesn't have to share his birthday with a sibling. On Aubrey & Natalie's birthday, did he get a little gift or does he totally "get it", that it wasn't his birthday? He is such a little heartbreaker! You are so blessed with all of your children!

  3. What a big boy! I would love to know what tips you have for taking all of the children out together when you do things like dinner out or even Disney. You always inspire me to try more with all the babies.

  4. What a brave boy! The kids are adorable. You are so blessed!

  5. Glad it was an awesome experience for them! I think I was horrendously afraid of the dentist when I was a kid because the only ones available were the ones for adults. Nothing scares a kid faster than whitewashed walls and implements displayed in plain view. I’m glad that there are dental offices that really focus on child orthodontics, as it is good to nurture the good experience so that they would have no qualms on going to the dentist for dental problems when they grow up.

    Weston Wadlington

  6. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

  7. Tough boy he is! Didn't even fuss about having his teeth pulled out, unlike most of his kids that would bawl for hours for simply going to a dentist. Make sure he stays that way; that he'll not grow up being averse to oral health maintenance. Jonathon @

  8. Oh, look at that happy face when he found the coin from the tooth fairy. Very cute! So, gone is the silly tooth! Has he grown a new one now? I like how he’s so behaved all throughout the procedure. How did you talk your way into him? Kenneth @


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