April 17, 2013

We turned 8 months..a week ago!

8 months...how do these months keep adding up? And I know each month I say during the last month you have gotten more fun but it is the truth. We now officially have kids that are a blast to hang out with. You giggle, you belly laugh, you love being part of the action, you try to give kisses with big open slobbery mouths and it is the greatest, you like being held by others but you love being held by mom and dad best, you steal each others toys and you don't like being kicked or having your hair pulled by a sibling. There is nothing greater than watching all of my kids play and interact. This is happening more and more as you guys have become less baby-like. I feel I should still have 4 newborns but right before our eyes you are growing up and becoming individuals instead of a set of four. It is awesome. People often group you together because you are quads but you are all so different...

Kenzie you need to do everything first. You could be mistaken for a little doll but you are mighty. We often laugh because you are so tiny but you will not let anyone put you in the category of being a 'baby'. Daddy just said the other day that you are going to be walking around here soon but will hardly be taller then the couch cushions. You love laying on your belly in your crib looking out the nursery door and watching everyone. You are the messiest eater. I don't know how you do it because mom is pretty good about keeping faces clean with the spoon but girl you still get it everywhere. I love you peanut and I love the little girl you are becoming.

Tate you are so happy. You remind me so much of your brother Drew who rewarded everyone with a smile. You have no enemies unless someone is wiping your face. We now take a dry mop to the floors after you are done with your bath because you get water everywhere with your splashing. Soon it will be time to start using the big tub! Your ab muscles are way better than moms and dads because you do sit-ups all day long. You want to sit up so bad but just are not quite there yet. You have found your thumb and when you can't find your pacifier you will resort to that handy dandy thumb. I hope you always stay the happy little boy you are. It will get you far in life.

Rylan you love being held and played with. You get bored easily and I probably respond to you the quickest because you have a cry that just gets to me. You are very much like your sister Aubrey in that you do not require much sleep. You sleep hard at night but naps are spent moving around in your crib. You have learned how to kick your aquarium on so you have music to keep you entertained. We now keep the blind next to your crib open part way because mom is nervous that you will find the strings (mom needs to get  cordless blinds soon!) and you love sticking your feet through your crib and kicking at the window. You do not like tummy time at all but love sitting up so that you can reach all of your toys. You remain our old soul and someday I hope you fill me in on all your wisdom. I love you Rylan James.

Isabella you have grown into such a beautiful little girl. Your eyes are so big and blue. Your smile is huge and your checks are plump with a ruddy tone to them. You are so beautiful my little love. You look like Aubrey but your personality is Natalie. You have a love for blankets and will not fall asleep unless one is draped across your face. As soon as you have your blankie you turn on your side and asleep you go. Jumping in your jumperoo is a favorite of yours. You have also really started to babble and it is so fun to hear all of your stories. Occasionally I think I hear 'mama' but I know it is just sounds you are trying out. I am trying to teach all four of you 'dada' first. Mama is used more than enough around here already so we will use Dada with you four! You are so much fun Isabella and remind me often why I love being a mom every time you smile.

Mom and dad are often told that we 'have our hands full' and our response now is 'isn't it awesome'. We love you guys so much. You have brought our family so much joy. The other day mom and dad were sitting at Disneyland with Natalie & Aubrey. There was a family sitting next to us with a mom, dad and a little girl. One of your sisters commented that she didn't have any brothers or sisters. We then asked both girls if they wish they were an only child or if they liked having a big family. They both smiled and said that they liked their big family. I could not imagine not having a single one of you. Yes it takes us longer to go places, we may not go on vacations as often as some and you all may wear more hand-me downs than your friends but I do know that as you all grow up you will have so much love and support surrounding you. 

Happy 8 months to my littlest loves.


  1. Ah, great post!! I love seeing those sweet faces and hearing about their personalities!

  2. Love the photos and glad to hear all is well!! You are amazing!

  3. Your hands are full! Of blessings!


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