April 28, 2013


I recently have had an anonymous commenter that many of you have noticed. I am going to write this one post and then we ALL are going to move on including the person that has had some not so nice things to say. With blogger I do have the option of approving the comments before they appear on my blog. I have not felt the need to do this and still do not at this point. I also will not erase those comments that are not so nice. We are all entitled to our own opinions and in some instances I have taken great advice from what others have had to say. When people are negative I often giggle and wonder why they took the time to drag another person down. I often find it even funnier that these comments are often left anonymously. I truly believe these people are looking for attention and I find it so sad that they look for this attention by hurting others. I will not fuel these comments and so after this post I will not try to explain myself to these people. I thank all of you that stood up for our family when the comments recently appeared but from now on feel free to skip over the negativity and leave the comment you intended to before you read the thoughts of someone that would rather bring someone down than lift them up. 

So those that do not like my family either because it is larger than the average 2.2 children per family or if its because we had to use fertility or because we gave all of our children the right to life please move on and find a blog that you do enjoy reading. Our blog is not a homework assignment so there is no need for you to read it. Just like I do not read blogs on ufo's. I just do not have an interest in them!

When I was pregnant with the quads I was really quick to erase any kind of negativity that I received. Pregnant with four I was very emotional and I did not do well with any kind of rude comment. I needed my days to be filled with love and support. Now these comments do NOT affect me because no matter what someone thinks I would never have changed a single decision that my husband and I made. It wasn't necessarily the path I thought I would go down in life but God knew the entire time what path he would lead our family down. Those comments can not hurt me when every morning we go into the nursery there are four babies with huge smiles on their face kicking their little legs as hard as they can because they are so excited to see their mom, dad, brother and sisters. We are a large family and every single member of it is loved unconditionally.

Supporting our alma mater! Go BISON!!!

Please don't forget to vote for 'The Littlest Lesnaus' if you enjoy reading about us. We are currently in 6th place but only 2 away from 5th! It has been a back and forth battle for days and we have til May 8th to stay near the top. It has been a closer race than any presidential election ever so come on over and vote!!


  1. AMEN!!! You addressed this perfectly! I have told Amber many many times.....'you can't fix STUPID!' and that's how I really feel about these rude comments! You and your family are amazing - do not EVER forget that!!!!

  2. Well Said, Krista! Just look at those cheeky smiles---nothing but happiness looking at your sweet babies! :-)

    1. You never cease to amaze me. Well said. I often take things personally. Even when I don't want to its a struggle. Your strength is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your life journey.
      M from M

  3. I <3 you, Krista! You've got it: there will be negativity and sometimes you just gotta slough it off and move on. Every member of your family is precious, including you.

  4. Agreed! Your children are gorgeous and healthy and that is all that matters :)

  5. Maybe they are just jealous that you have seven of the most cutest, sweetest, kids ever!

  6. I completely agree that God always has a plan. My husband and I just had our quads, they'll be a week tomorrow, and we fully believe that God always had a special plan for us. I also appreciated your pump post, as I am knew to pumping and it is challenging. Hopefully I can make it for as long as I can, you're an inspiration!


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