April 18, 2013

Need your votes!!

Last year when we found out we were expecting triplets (haha...joke was on us for two weeks!) I started this blog to keep family updated and to make a journal of our journey. I never knew how much this blog would come to mean to me. I love to share our family joys, our struggles with a large family which includes having 7 kids in 4 years, and it also has become an outlet for me to work through emotions. 

What has amazed me the most since starting 'The Littlest Lesnaus' is the number of people who follow along with our family. I think we are kind of boring and monotonous, I spell way to many words wrong and my elementary teachers probably cringe at all of my grammatical errors but people still keep coming back! I have over 11,000 page views a month. That alone amazes Paul and I. Now if only we could charge $1 per pageview.... 

Okay back to why I need your votes! There is a site called Circle of Moms that has over 6 million viewers and they are having a contest for the Top 25 Moms of Multiples blogs. I would love to be able to be one of the Top 25 so that others who are facing infertility or the blessing of expecting 2, 3 or even more little ones may be able to find our blog through Circle of Moms. You can find a button on the top right of my blog to vote for 'The Littlest Lesnaus' that will take you to the voting page. You can then scroll down til you see our family picture and all you have to do is click LIKE. Super easy. The coolest thing is you can vote every 24 hours from the same computer/network. So you could vote from home AND work AND your cell every 24 hours!! The current leader (another quad momma!!) is already at over 500 votes. I am at 40. I have some major catching up to do but I know we can do it.

Thanks so much and I will periodically let you know where we are standing and to remind you to click on the button to vote for us!

Please vote...its super easy, even we figured it out!! Just click on the Circle of Moms button in the top right corner of the blog and then find 'The Littlest Lesnaus' blog and LIKE it.


  1. Okay, you did a way better job of explaining this and why we all blog. Well stated, grammar errors and ll! Lets make the list :)

  2. Just came from Circle of Moms. Sussing out the 'competition'! Ha, ha! I'll happily vote for your blog anyway. You have a lovely family. Flicking through your posts has been delightful. You make family life shine! All the best! (Hope I make it even on the list, but you are doing great, you'll be in the top 25 for sure!)


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