April 02, 2013

Happy Birthday to 2 Amazing Girls

I can not believe my little girls are 5 today. It goes so quickly and last night as I was picking out a movie two teenage girls were a head of me and as I was watching them all I could think is this will be my girls in another blink of an eye.

Natalie and Aubrey you are my first born. You are the ones that taught me all about being a mommy. You showed me what unconditional love was. You made your daddy and I better people. You also were the ones that allowed us to experience sleep deprivation, explosive diapers, and the daily accessory of spit-up that looks great with any outfit.
Waiting to be induced

At 2:41pm we welcomed Natalie Ann into our family

& at 2:45 Aubrey Nicole joined us.
I will never forget the day you were born. We had made it to 39 weeks and it was time for you to come even though you two were still perfectly content in mommy. Once labor was started it came quickly. Many Hail Mary's were said to get me through the contractions. Daddy, Grandma and Auntie Nikki were there waiting for your entrance into the world. We did not know if you were boys or girls so everyone was still guessing but when Baby A came out and I heard "it's a girl" I cried tears of happiness because I had a little girl. Not two minutes later though I needed to hand of my precious little girl because it was time to meet Baby B. Aubrey you came out with your wild crazy hair and we were the proud parents of two beautiful miracles and we couldn't have written a better ending.


Pure joy
This last year the both of you have grown so much. You have opinions and often let us know what these are by stopping your feet or slamming a bedroom door. You have feelings of joy, laughter but also of hurt and failure which tells me you are getting older. You are starting to figure out what you want to be when you get older and instead of being garbage man or princesses like you wanted to be last year you now want to be a nurse and a doctor for little babies. And as Natalie said the other day she is getting bigger because she can see herself in mommy and daddy's mirror on just her feet.
A very happy daddy

Natalie, Aubrey

I love watching you grow but I would also like to freeze you at this age because you are still so innocent and the weight of the world is not on you yet. You still love to cuddle with us and there is nothing better than taking a nap or falling asleep at night with one of  your arms draped over us. And you still idolize your mom and dad even though you no longer want to marry one of us when you are older.
Grandma Pat and Auntie

Natalie & Aubrey 5 years ago we were given the best gift ever and I will always be so thankful to God that he choose us to be your mommy and daddy. Our only wish for you today is that you will always dance like no one is watching. We love you both with sprinkles and cherries on top. Happy Birthday Natalie & Aubrey.
Natalie told me this is how Cinderella takes pictures.

Happy 5th Birthday Girls!


  1. What a great look back on your first. You and Paul have done an amazing job with your family!

  2. Congratulations on your twin girls!
    I always love reading your blog!

  3. What an incredible post!!! Happy Birthday to your twin girls! You, my dear, are AMAZING!


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