April 14, 2013

A Challenge

Last week our family spent time down in LA visiting the happiest place on earth (a post coming all about Mickey and Minnie!). We had a blast but of course all good things come to an end and it was time to come home. Drew had caught a cold, the babies were starting to show signs of getting the same cold, we needed our contraptions so the babies could do something other than be held, be strapped into their stroller or play on the floor, & as Natalie said we needed our cozy beds. On the way home we stopped at Denny's to feed all of our little birdies. Denny's is not a top choice for me but we thought that it would be less crowded than some of the dinner places in the town we stopped in. Let me tell you we were talk of the restaurant but it was all nice comments. Every time someone came into the restaurant the waitresses would walk them past us and tell them our family dynamics. Paul and I couldn't help but smile since we found it quite humorous after we had been in the car with seven kids for five hours. Half way into our meal our waitress came over and asked us if there was anything else we needed. She also let us know that our tab had been paid by the man who had been sitting behind us. Paul and I were in a complete state of "wow". I think that is the word both of us uttered as we looked at the empty table that the gentleman had been sitting at. Natalie and Aubrey asked us what had been paid and we explained to them what someone had done for us. Natalie asked if it was like when we pay for peoples coffee at the Starbucks drive through? It was indeed. 

It felt amazing to have someone pay for our meal but I can tell you that it feels even better to pay it forward. I challenge each one of you to pay it forward this week...buy someone a coffee, mow your neighbors grass or bring up their trash cans on garbage day, offer to watch your friends kiddos for two hours so they can enjoy some time without kids. Not only does it make their day but it will make yours too. You will be amazed that once you start paying it forward little things will start happening for you too. And if you have little sets of eyes that are watching your every move they start seeing you pay it forward and before you know it they find it just as much fun.

My challenge to you is to make someones day whether you know the person or not it will make them smile and may just make someones day go from not so good to great!

So nice when they listen to their music without us having to listen to it to but now they fight over the ipod!

Rylan is only interested in a toy if someone else has it!!

She didn't even know we had taken the bottle away. I think someone was a little tired!

She loves her sister.


  1. I'm SO glad y'all had a successful vacation and so glad you got to experience the nice, thoughtful side of people. We have been amazed and taken aback so many times by the kind things that some people do. I will definitely look for a way to pay it forward this week! Hope the babies don't get too sick. And I LOVE the picture of Drew feeding one of the quadlings, adorable.

  2. What a wonderful ending to a great day at Disney! I am so happy you enjoyed your day at Disneyland AND felt all of the positive energy around you. It can be hard going out with so many children and being a "sideshow", but most of the time people really are nice. Paying it forward is so cool. I need to do a better job of it. A gentleman bought George and I a bottle of champagne the night we were engaged and we've always wanted to do the same, but never have. It's time!


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