March 24, 2013

Solids and Writers Block...Big TIme!

The quadlings started eating real food the middle of February. I have started this post 2 other times and got half way done and then deleted the whole thing. Twice! I just can't figure out what I want to say. But I have to get it done because I have other post I want to work on.

I pushed off starting solids with the quads as long as I thought was acceptable. My older three kids I couldn't wait to start. This time I dragged my feet and maybe did a little kicking along the way...4 babies making a mess, 4 kids blowing raspberries at me with a mouthful of food, 4 set of bibs and wash clothes, 4 additional sets of clothing to get stains out of, changing yet another routine that was working so good for us. Yes, I stalled.

But I had to start. I love making baby food. Went to Costco and bought veggies and fruit in bulk. Had a blast making their food. Loved using my Christmas gift which was a Cuisenart baby food maker and my birthday gift which was a Vitamix. Made the following foods and pureed; broccoli, bananas, spinach, carrots, pineapple, kale, prunes, green beans and peas. Froze above items in one ounce portions. Already have apple and pear sauce which Paul made in the fall. Food done. Waited another week or so til I was mentally prepared to take on "solids".

My cuisenart baby food maker. Steams and purees in the same bowl!

Pureed, portioned, and then frozen.

My cute little helper.
Started with one feed a day of solids. With the girls I was a total rule follower in regards to introducing new foods. Waited the 5-6 days in between new foods to watch for allergies. Started with  soupy rice cereal. Then veggies before fruit. No dairy products before 9 months. With Drew it became 3-4 days in between new foods but still rice cereal, veggies then fruits. Drew went from purees to whatever the girls were having very quickly because he wanted to do things by himself and eat what the girls were having. Now the 3rd time around I have decided rules are meant to be broken! Our pediatrician also said a lot has been thrown out the window from what was even said 4 years ago. More allergies started popping up than ever before with all the waiting of introducing foods til kids were older. The quads got started on bananas, oatmeal before rice cereal but then I had my first kid ever that had a reaction so back to rice I went. They are lucky if they get 2 days in between new foods. We totally skipped the soupy cereal stage and went right to thicker foods. They even handled chunkier peas without a problem. Hoping to move quickly into the finger food stage!

"Get this stuff off my tongue."
The first couple of days were so not fun. It took me longer to get everyone set up, bibs on, food heated than it did for me to hopefully get 2-3 bites in each kid before they were done. Tate and Izzie figured it out the quickest which was no surprise and Rylan was soon after. It literally took Kenzie until this week to finally get the concept. As soon as the spoon would even touch her lips she would thrust out her tongue and there was no way anything was getting into her mouth. Tuesday morning was the first time ever she figured out that if she opened her mouth the spoon could go in and the food wasn't too bad. Now Kenzie kicks her legs in excitement when she knows it is her turn. Isabella lets you know that it is her turn and she does this quite loudly and usually it starts right after her turn which means there is three other little birdies that need a spoonful first. And yes we use one bowl and one spoon. I ain't got time for individual bowls and spoons. I also have too many little ones to tell you what everyone likes the best but I can tell you that Tate does not care for broccoli. He is the only one that has given us the stink eye with every. single. bite. of broccoli that gets put into his mouth. They all tend to like things that are mixed rather than on their own. And food has left us with some constipated kiddos so pear sauce and prunes are served regularly. We will be introducing greek yogurt soon to hopefully help with this issue too.
Around two weeks ago we started adding a second feeding each day. How did I know we were ready for this one may ask? Well we got more into their mouths than the bibs so it was worth the time to go through the whole shebang twice in a day rather than just once. They share about 6-8oz of food at each meal time. When we introduced the second spoon feed we were then giving a spoon feed before the 8am and the 3:30 bottle. We recently switched it up a little bit and it seems to be working great. For future quad mommas out there we now have the following schedule at 7 months of age (4.5 months adjusted):

8am- Spoon feed of fruit or fruit/cereal
9:20- Nap
5:00-Spoon feed of veggies
6:15-Bottle followed by bedtime

The time between bottles and naps is spent taking walks, playing with mom, dad or siblings, or playing on the floor or the multiple contraptions we have. The babies have slept 12 hours each night for months now and we are so lucky. Only maybe 3-4 times a week do we have to get up with one of the babies and it is always just to put a paci back in. I can't remember the last time one of them needed to be rocked after they have been tucked into bed. Naps are getting more and more consistent with only a hit or miss of a kid not wanting to take a nap. As they are interacting more and more with us they are ready for naps when it is time.

Kid's first time in the new chairs. Don't think it was a hit with Kenzie!

So there you have it. The babies are eating solids and I am now calling this post finished because I want to move on to more interesting topics like Easter egg hunts and the zoo!!


  1. Yeah for spoon feeds and getting this posted so you can get on with more important posts ;-)! You have me thinking---I just might try greek yogurt and puffs this week! And steamed broccoli? Hadn't even thought of that! Stink eye, here the Niemeyer kids come.

  2. Totally cracks me up that you've been working on this post for a while because I have a food post in mind that I am yet to write. I've taken pictures of all the food we've been making, but can't seem to get it together. I hope yogurt helps with constipation. It did the trick here! We've also given them pure canned pumpkin with applesauce and that seems to help with all that fiber.
    Rylin and Harper are like Isabella wanting it to always be their turn! We usually seat them next to the other babies who don't mind if they have to wait two bites before getting one.

    The little feeding seats you got look awesome! I love how they turn and will be great for future travels!

  3. WOW! You are seriously super Mom! I always check out your posts and then think I'm such a wuss for struggling with my twins. Those seats look great :) Keep rockin on Momma!


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