March 12, 2013

Making Changes Around the House

So this momma gets bored easily around the house. I don't have the skill or the money to constantly be making big changes so it usually ends up with me making things more organized. Go figure! I am not a decorator by any means. I get so frustrated because I will go to other peoples homes and they will have all these adorable accent pieces and I think I could so do that. I go to the store and I swear on the days I go they take all the cute stuff off the shelves and hide it from me. I am also one of those that would like to go into Pottery Barn and say "I'll take it" to a whole display area. But there is no way I can afford a whole Pottery Barn display but it would be awesome. My mom has always said that I am a nurse and not an interior decorator and I totally agree. I have already made it very clear to Paul that when we move again I am hiring someone to find all those neat accent pieces for me. Maybe they will have better luck.

I have been getting frustrated with my house because everything kind of needs replacing. A lot of the big furniture is almost 10 years old and I am tired of it and with three kids constantly running something into it, jumping on it and spilling some form of liquid on it I need a change but with four more little ones that are going to be doing the same thing to it soon I just can't fathom doing a big change out yet. So it was time to get creative on how to spruce up some of the things around our house. The solution: a can of spray paint! 

I knew I wanted to change the color of a couple of items but I did not have the time or patience to sand, prime and then paint. I totally took the easy way out and spray painted the items and am perfectly happy with the changes. And the cool thing is if it gets a nick in it I don't have to sand and re-stain I just whip out my can of spray paint and the touch up is done.

It was time to help this poor beaten up table.

The older kids have added many of their own dings marks to the table

First it had to be wiped down

We picked a color from Lowe's that the girls and I thought was pretty. A perfect way to find a color.

Then you start spraying back and forth back and forth. And coat after coat until you get intoxicated from paint fumes or until the color looks even.

Then take a can of polyurethane and spray the piece to help prevent scratching. Table done...time to move onto the second area.

Way too much brown. The mirror needed to be changed. Paul wasn't thrilled that I was going to paint it until I told him its either I paint it or I buy a new mirror. Guess what it got painted!

Move mirror to area to paint it.

Cover mirror with old newspaper to avoid paint getting on glass part. Some did get through but fingernail polish followed by glass cleaner got it looking brand new.

If painting outside make sure it is not windy because any little gust of wind sends sand and leaves to your project as if the items were magnets.

Once dry start enjoying your new pieces. I love this little table so much more now. It doesn't look all worn out. Now I just need to find another kid chair and then paint it to match and we will be all set. The art board was a cork board covered with fabric that was stapled to the back.  
I also painted a brown candlestick black and now I just need to go get new candles.

In all I was very happy with what a little can of spray paint can do. Hmmm....wonder what else I can paint?!?


  1. Never underestimate the POWER of a can of spray paint! It is MAGIC! Well DONE!!

  2. So cool! I'm a new follower of your blog and so far am very impressed. Can't wait to read more.

  3. You know I LOVE quick DIY projects like that. Both projects turned out great. Spray paint is one of my favorite mediums. Last week I sprayed the nursery laundry hampers to match the decor. They were both brown eye sores before.

  4. Krista, I don't know what I'm more envious of: your awesome DIY project follow-thru or your sunny, nice weather!!! Love the updates!


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