March 27, 2013

Lions, TIgers and Bears...

okay not really since we were at the Sacramento Zoo and it is really one of the lamest zoo's ever! But the kids have a ton of fun and sometimes that is all that matters. And the zoo does have a lion and now 5 giraffes so it is upgrading. Now that the end of the rsv and flu season is almost over we are starting to get out more as a family. Having our new quad stroller has been so helpful and we actually blend in with other double jogger strollers until someone from the upper deck voices their opinion.
The girls had so much fun putting the zoo key in and listening to what it had to tell them about the animals.

I think giraffes look so cool but what a boring life of eating leaves.

I could sit and watch this monkey all day. There are two of them and they so remind me of the closeness of Natalie and Aubrey. They love each other and all ways know what the other one is doing but they get on each others nerves from time to time.

We arrived at the zoo and started unloading everyone only to remember that we had a flat tire on the stroller from our last walk. So everyone got loaded back up to go find a bike shop. It was 30 minutes past feeding time so I went crawled into the back of the van with the babies and they ate while we got the tire fixed.It was then time to start seeing the animals. The babies did great and we had a lot of fun except for hearing from the big kids how hungry they were. Does anyone else have kids that the minute you get somewhere that has greasy, way over priced goodies their kids act like you have never fed them? Miss Isabella has figured out that if she fusses and acts totally uncomfortable in her stroller she gets held so guess who thought she was pretty cool stuff hanging out with her daddy. That little girl continues to be our drama queen. Luckily we only have one and she also is the best napper so we will keep her.
Da' boys!

The lion

I was totally impressed that my 6'6'' husband fit into the train. Even though I appear in no pictures I was part of this day!!

We did have a first though with this outing. While I was waiting for Paul and the kids to finish their train ride I had a lady pull up her double stroller (2 kids of different ages) and try to take our picture with her phone. I nicely asked her if she was taking a picture of us and she fumbled for an answer of 'ummm no I was just looking something up on the internet'. Okay lady I was not born yesterday. One holds a phone totally different when taking a picture vs being on the internet. As Paul Paul later pointed out that he is sure other people have snatched a picture of our quad squad before but if you are going to do it please be discreet!

We are so excited for more adventures as a family and we have a BIG one coming in about 2 weeks....DISNEYLAND!! Mickey & Minnie here we come!!


  1. What a great adventure!! Great pics and I loved every single one of them!

  2. Ooohh creepy people with the phone pics, annoying! You were probably nicer than I would've been. Glad y'all are getting out as well! It's going to take me some time to learn to "relax" out in public, but I'll get there eventually. Mike can't wait for us to take our crew to the zoo!

  3. Long time reader 1st time commenting :) I stumbled onto your page from the Bell Quads. They were born at 29 weeks 5 days on May 31, and my son was 29 weeks 5 days on May 31 in 2009. ANYWAY! we live in PA, near Hershey "the sweetest place on Earth" and our zoo is totally lame! The coolest animal is probably a brown bear or wolf! Looks like you guys had fun there anyway! My 2 year olds favorite part of the zoo was the ducks. It is unbelievable what people will do in public! I remember when Everest(my preemie) was almost 1, he waas still unable to sit unassisted, and he had a brain bleed w/ hydro and has a shunt. I had to push him in a stroller at the store while pushing a cart as well, and I had someone ask me about why I had him in the stroller, and "WHAT happened to his head?!" I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have people trying to take my/our picture. God bless.

  4. It looks like you had a great field trip! We finally got a hitch for the runabout so we have zoo plans for late spring. We just figured out that Sydney is scared of the real chimps and lions in the baby einstein DVDs, I wonder what she will do when seeing real ones.
    It's aggravating that people try to sneak pictures like that. I'm sure it's happened to us, but I'm oblivious because I'm trying to wrangle babies and avoid eye contact. A few neighbors had the courtesy to ask before snapping.


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