March 12, 2013

Happy (Belated) 7 Months

Mom is late in letting you know that you are now 7 months old but that is okay because whether I told you or not you still turned 7 months! The last week has been rough. Dad started out with a bad sinus cold right after we had your baptism which then he was so kind and shared with mom. I am just going to state that it totally sucks that moms who are nursing can not take anything for a cold. First moms go through nine months (if your lucky) of being pregnant and not being able to take anything and then after you are pregnant you get stuck again because now if one takes Dayquil you could dry up your milk supply along with your snotty nose! It could be as long as 18 months without being able to take any cold unfair. Rant over. Okay so after mommy had the cold dad got it back and Aubrey and Drew also got it. We were making daily trips to Riteaide to pick up cold & cough medicine (for those who could take it) and motrin. One day I walked up to the counter with our arsenal of drugs along with two half gallons of Thrifty ice cream and when the clerk asked how I was doing I pointed to my purchases and said it could be better. Then the worse got even worst; my little man Tate started coughing. It started two Thursdays ago and wasn't too bad but by last Sunday he was struggling. No fever. No increased work of breathing. No loss of appetite. But when Paul and I got home from a date night he was struggling with moving his secretions. I was suctioning his nose as much as he would tolerate but my poor baby just could not catch his breath in-between coughing. Luckily my sister and her fiance were over so my sister took Tate and I to the hospital because I didn't dare drive him without me next to him to help suction him but wouldn't you know he was all smiles by the time we got to the ER. Little stinker was trying to make a fool of his mom who is a nurse! Five hours and a nebulizer treatment later we were back home with a diagnoses of possible RSV. I HATE (said very strongly) that word and I was so mad at myself that my little man got it. The one thing we were trying so hard to avoid all winter. Let's just say I have been kicking myself all week and I can also tell you without a swab test that he does have rsv. He has been getting nebulizer treatments every four hours since last Tuesday when I called his pediatrician and asked for a home nebulizer because the hand held inhaler was not working. I am concerned that my son will be petrified of anything coming at his nose for the rest of his life with all the saline drops and bulb syringe use he has had this week. At least he won't ever consider a nose ring if that is the case! So far amazingly the other babies have stayed healthy. They all occasionally have a cough and Kenzie is slightly congested but it does not seem to bother them. I am thankful that Tate is the one that got stuck fighting this nasty bug because if it would have been Kenzie I am afraid we would have ended back up in the hospital because our peanut does not have any reserve as far as fat on her body. Even Tate has already lost a pound and that is with him still taking in his usual amount of food. Then to top it off mom had to work three days in a row over the weekend which never happens but because of things going on later this week I had to do it. It was long for me but probably even longer for daddy!!
Tate sharing neb treatments with his sister
Our first tummy sleeper

Physical therapy is tough work

"Mom put the camera away we are trying to sleep."
So yes sweet babies you turned seven months and we didn't forget to mention it at home but mommy just didn't have time to get the highlights of your last month all typed up so here it goes:

You weighed in at 17lbs at your six month appointment and are even on the charts for a full term kiddo! You continue to be so happy and always give out smiles to anyone who makes eye contact with you. You love to show off for your therapist by rollin side to side but as soon as they leave you find your back to be the best spot to be. You are getting much better at tummy time and love your exersaucer. You do have a tendency to make sure that I am cleaning the exersaucers regularly by spitting up a half of a bottle when you are playing in it. We started solids right after your baptism and you like it the most. No surprise here! You like bananas, carrots and apples but give us the stink eye every time we put  bite of broccoli in your mouth. You will eat it but you let us know it is not your favorite entree. We have been able to take your cereal out of your bottle because you spit up with it and without it so we decided not to give it to you so that you would not have to deal with constipation from the cereal. You love going for walks and since you never complain in the stroller you always find yourself on the lower deck. You are now wearing 6-9 month clothes and even a few 12 month shirts. I love when I carry you because you will sit on my hip like a big boy. You will sit unassisted for a very short time.

You have now hit 11lbs! I often think if a porcelain doll came alive you would be what it would look like. You are so petite but have these big eyes that take everything in. Your smile is very lady like and just has a little grin to it that one can't help but return a smile. You have become our first true roller and have even decided that sleeping on your tummy is very comfy. You do not like when you get stuck against the rail of your crib though. You actually get very mad and we can always tell when you get stuck because oh boy is that cry a very ticked off scream. You are not a fan of solids. Actually not even sure you have tasted much because as soon as a spoon comes your way you stick out your tongue to make sure nothing gets in. You sure do let your thumb into your mouth though and have perfected this action. Sometimes you can't figure out if you would rather have your thumb or your bottle. You get concerned when the others cry and will often join them just for sympathy cries. And just for the record you at the age of 7 months can still fit into a size 1 diaper! Of all the babies you are the only one that actually enjoys looking at yourself in the mirror. I really think you guys are not as interested in a mirror as other kids are because you see babies all day long. What's so great about another one looking at you?!?

You continue to be our old soul. I often wonder what you are thinking. You do get quite fussy if you are left in one place too long. Whether it is in a contraption, your bed or on the floor. A set of arms though you have yet to complain about. Your cry affects me the most of anyone's. Isabella's is loud and she demands attention but yours is just sad. You have a very hoarse cry and I feel your vocal cords may have been injured a little when they tried intubating you. When you "talk" though it sounds very normal so I think it is just when you cry that I hear this hoarseness. This last week you have enjoyed sitting in the bumboo with an activity ball to the side of you and you will reach for the ball to touch it. I just love it! Your last feeding of the day has become a nightmare. You fight it with all your might even though you are hungry. You act as if the milk has been tainted. The thing is it is the same milk you drink all day long and there are three other babies drinking it just fine. Mom and dad will win this one buddy so give in and just eat! You last weighed in at 14.5lbs. 

What a difference a couple of months have made with you. You are still definitely our drama queen but you are also so much more content than you were the first two months we had you home. You my dear love the jump around in your jumperoo. You are our child that loves anything wild and fast! I may have a child that will ride any roller coaster with me. Mom and dad have been a tad concerned with your eyes the last two months because we noticed that you would make eye contact with us when you were laying down but as soon as we lifted you up or you were sitting you would not look at us. It was as if you were in trouble and would look anywhere but directly at us. You also tend to blink very infrequently and look at us with these huge wide open eyes. We had an eye therapist come out the other day but mommy was at work and so I didn't get much of a report. What I got from dad was she wasn't too concerned. When I got home from work the other night dad was so excited because he said you are doing so much better with looking at us. We know you can see because you will follow an object you just won't look at faces unless you are lying down. We do see an ophthalmologist this week for a preemie follow-up and I will be interested to see what she has to say. You also still battle eczema but anything we put on it has you breaking out. I am hoping you will soon outgrow this like Natalie did. You seem to enjoy eating solids too and tend to like more of the fruits than the veggies. You weigh just a tad more than Rylan at just a little over 14.5lbs.

You four amaze mom and dad. I love watching the big kids with you and I just can't imagine not having all of you. I still can't believe that I carried four at one time. Sometimes I feel out of all my pregnancies I have forgotten what it felt like most to be pregnant with you. I think maybe you were left by a stork in the nicu with our last name pinned to you! Mom and Dad have started thinking about your first birthday already. How can you be closer to one than just born...blows me away! Paul and I have not come up with any fun ideas for the babies 1st birthday bash. If anyone has any grand ideas that do not involve farm, circus, Seaseme Street or Dr. Seuss let me know.

And speaking of Dr. Seuss the girls had a Seuss themed party at school and the girls were The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham!


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