March 14, 2013

Family Walks

I remember growing up after dinner was done my dad use to take us for a bike ride or a walk. The best walks were the ones that we would end up in the open field looking for treasures. Years later a school would be built in this open field and our walks were never the same. I am pretty sure my mom stayed home and did the dinner dishes and now that I am a mom I am sure she loved these walks as much as us kids did because it gave her thirty minutes with a quiet house even if it meant cleaning up from dinner. 

Paul and I now love taking our kids on walks and we take them often. Actually as I am typing this I am home with the babies while Paul is out with the older kids getting "exercise" as we call it. They are also swinging by the grocery store to pick up some cauliflower for dinner! We have a bike path behind our house that is paved and is great for walking with the stroller. The girls have recently discovered that there is a creek that runs down the hill and they LOVE being able to explore. It is so fun watching them walk on rocks and I get many hand picked bouquets of weed.

Someday Paul and I hope to own our own piece of property that will allow the kids to go explore daily and use their minds to take them on many adventures but for now we will enjoy the bike path!
It took our girls forever to learn how to steer any of the battery operated toy. It was so bad that I told Paul there was no way I was going to teach them how to drive when they turned 16 because I was getting so frustrated with them at age 3. Drew jumped on right after his second birthday and knew exactly what to do. Boys and girls brains are programed so differently.

Tate loving his walk

Someone is getting sleepy!

They love picking weeds flowers

"Mom why don't you ever take pictures of me only Natalie?"

Our superhero went to far ahead and after getting in trouble with daddy came to mommy.

When I have the camera out one of them will yell hug and this is how they pose for the camera.

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  1. We LOVE family walks too. It looks as if they get more exciting when there are motorized toys involved...Amen for the helmets!


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