February 14, 2013

Happy "LOVE " Day

Today is Valentine's Day and a day that I think is so highly overrated; flowers are ridiculously overpriced, restaurants are  packed and they limit the menu choices to a couple gourmet selections, our significant other goes and buys a box of chocolates (See's if you're well loved) while we are still all working on our new years resolution of losing weight. This holiday is a sabotage and one I think is kind of silly. I would rather stay home, eat crab legs after the kids go to bed and save the money on overpriced roses. So instead of getting all mushy and being a $5.89 Hallmark card (hello why do cards have to be so dang expensive anyways) I am going to show off the 8 "loves" of my life.

Happy Valentine's Day

Playtime is hard work

Following in big sister's footsteps

Hard to believe that they all fit on the smaller playmat at one time!

They cuddle many times during the day.


  1. LOVE the pic with all 7 kids in the living room!

  2. Adorable! In the second to last picture, I scrolled down the page before realising there were 5 babies in the picture. I didn't realise Natalie was holding a baby doll, not a live baby.


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