February 23, 2013


Growing up I totally took for granted the fact that both of my grandparents lived within 5 miles of each other and we had cousins galore all around. I loved having family around and I think it is why I really wanted to have a large family (never thought this large but I love it!). What does make me sad now that I have kids is my children's grandparents do not all live 5 miles from each other. We go months in between seeing some of them. Makes me sad. No matter where we live we will always be far from someone. The girls are getting to the age where they love playing with their cousins and love when we all get together. So last weekend was so much fun for the reason that we had grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins all here. We had blast visiting, laughing, swimming, eating and just enjoying each others company. I also think they all loved cuddling and feeding babies and it was weird to go multiple feedings without having to feed a single baby. There were many tears shed when people started leaving. I think the girls would have been just fine if all of our company would have just taken up permanent residence at the hotel they were staying at. We can't wait for the next time we get to spend time with everyone which will be in July at my sister's wedding!
Grandpa Rick, Tate & Kenzie

Great Grammie Helaine & Tate

How many people does it take to get the babies to smile?!?

Happy 25th 31st birthday Mommy

"There are all these people around and I still have to do tummy time? Pick me up people!"


Great Grammie with 7 of her 8 great grandchildren

Our very eager bottle feeders.

A very sleepy Rylan

Grandma & Grandpa Lesnau

Tate (yes we are still dealing with reflux with this kid)

This summer when Grandma stayed with us she would give the kids foot rubs every night before bed. Drew returned the favor on this visit.

and he gave his mommy one too!
Uncle Dave reading to his godson

This is what date night turned into for Paul and I..sushi at home. I was still a happy camper!!

Daddy and his valentine

Can't wait to have more space so we can have visitors more often

Auntie Sara & Kenzie

Cousin Amanda & Isabella

Uncle Ryan & Rylan

More help than we have ever had. Notice not a single parent is feeding!!


  1. Hooray for a feeding break! So glad you got a good weekend with family.

  2. Such a sweet happy family!! Blessings all around!!


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