January 08, 2013

Who takes after who??

Oh blog how I have missed you. I really enjoy blogging but I have been so busy since my last post that I have not had a chance to sit and not be interrupted 12,538 times. What have I been so busy with one may ask? I have no clue! The days start with big ambitions and high hopes of getting so much done each day and then when night comes I usually can only cross off one or two things from that ambitions list. But I know that I didn't spend my days sitting on the couch eating BonBons so I know I finished the day getting "stuff" done just not the stuff that is enjoyable. Today the big kids start back at school and I am one mama that is so excited. The kids are ready and need people to play with besides those with labels of brother and sister. We are not having  play dates very often this winter due to the risk of bringing germs into the house so once spring comes I hope we can fill our palace with kids. People think I am crazy when I want more kids over but really it keeps my kids from fighting so the more the merrier.  Other than that not much going on around here besides keeping that dang influenza bug as far away as possible.

I recently had a blog reader ask if I would post pictures of the big kids from when they were babies. I thought it was a great idea and I had so much fun looking through their baby pictures that you get more than one. It is fun to see similarities in the big kids and the babies because before we had the quads we had three kids that really did not look much alike. So who do you think look alike?


(2 weeks old)

(2 weeks old)

The Girls
The picking on one another started at a young age!

Natalie, Aubrey

Natalie, Aubrey

Baptism (Natalie wore Paul's gown and Aubrey wore mine)

One of my all time favorite pictures of the two of them. (Natalie, Aubrey)

(2 weeks old)

Drew's baptism. Father Arnold has baptized all three big kids and I am so sad that he is being transferred three weeks before the quads baptism. If we weren't in RSV season we would load everyone up and fly to Hawaii where he will be moving to have the babies welcomed into the church but since flying is a no-no with them during the winter months we will just remain sad.

3 weeks after his cleft lip repair



If anyone else has post ideas or questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Sometimes I am at a lost for what to write about and often I feel our day to day life gets very redundant and who wants to keep reading the same thing!


  1. Rylan & Isabella look like Aubrey, I think, but they all look like each other-- you can tell they all are the Lesnau brand! I love this idea and think I will steal it in a blog some day since Jenna looks like parts of all of them. But totally agree- days are redundant, full, and crazy busy!

  2. This is cute! I do see the resemblances in the kiddos. Becky is correct, they look alike, but each is unique. I see Aubrey in Isabella. I see more Kenzie in Natalie and Drew in Tate.
    I totally relate to the ambitions of the day that are never realized. My bonus room is full of clothes everywhere! The babies are moving into 6 month clothes! I need to sort it and box it before my mom spends Thursday night here!

  3. I'm still holding out about another post about random strangers comments in public- rude and all! You are such a good example!


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