January 09, 2013

Happy 5 months!

Today marks five months since we welcomed our quadlings into the world. The time just keeps flying by and yet some days I can not believe the pregnancy is over. I actually miss being pregnant with them at times. Time to let go and move on!! Going from month 4 to 5 seemed bigger than any other thirty day span. We are starting to really see personalities of each of the kiddos and they at the beginning stages of being fun "playing".
My big 5 month olds
Rylan you remain the most content and will just look around at your surroundings. When you are placed in your crib you immediately look up because the music box in your crib has a projector and you will watch it until it shuts off and sometimes you let us know when it turned off by giving us a shout out to turn it back on. You could care less that it is pink and has fairies! You will often not fall asleep during nap time but instead spend the entire time checking to see if we did anything new to your bedroom since you had been in it last. You have also made mommy so happy because you are the first baby to really start reaching for toys. I will make a confession that ever since the night when you were 24 hours old I have worried about you developmentally and probably will for a long time. That night was plain awful for me and it scared me more than a mother should ever have to be. So when you do things that you should be doing it makes me cry happy tears of joy. Along with reaching you have discovered your hands this last week along with your brother ans sisters and it is so amazing to watch a baby find their hands. You just stare at them like they are the coolest thing ever! My only concern right now for you is the back of your head. It is so flat. I can not wait for your therapist to see you next week so I can get their opinion. I hope you do not have to wear a helmet because it will give you seriously bad hair days! I love you my little man...

Tate you are my big man and my Mr. Smiles. You give out the most smiles and when you smile it reaches your eyes. I just love it. Besides fussing when you finish your bottle because you have an air bubble that you need to get out you are a pretty happy little boy. You like to be upright in the exersaucer so you can see what is going on but when it is time to snuggle with daddy in the evenings after your last bottle you cuddle in and don't make a peep. You have moved into 3-6 month clothes and will not be in them long because for some reason you think you need to just keep growing. You do try and get in a good workout each day by doing 15,893 bicycle legs. Your little legs are always a moving when you are on the floor. Bibs still remain part of your wardrobe and I can not wait for the day that we do not have to accessories with them. We again have added cereal back to your bottles to try and help with your reflux.

Isabella my darling you have been napping so much better the last couple of weeks which in turn has decreased some of your fussiness. We increased your feedings by a whole ounce and it seems to have helped. It would have been great if you could have just told me with words that you needed more. It would have gotten done a lot sooner!! The smiles you give us though definitely help us forget the loud out of tune screeches you give us. I tried getting some of your first giggles on tape but of course as soon as daddy grabbed the video camera you quit so now there is a very boring video clip for us to watch some day! We started taking you to the chiropractor to see if that will help with your choliciness. You do love blankets up by your face. I have come into your room many times to find you totally covered from head to toe with a blanket. This makes me a tad nervous so now I have given you a soft blankie that is only about 8x8in so you can keep it snuggled up against your face. And your hair...well lets not even go there. You have a lot of it and it does what it wants. So for now we let it have its way and if we go some where we slap a headband on to hide it a little.

My little peanut, Kenzie. A parent is not suppose to have their favorites but your sisters certainty do. Natalie and Aubrey love you and are always asking if they can hold the peanut. Your hair is getting longer and it is red! I am excited to see if it becomes blonder but I am totally fine if I get one red head out of seven. I do think you have the most ear piercing scream of everyone. For being so little we do know that you have some healthy lungs. You are so close to rolling over and it won't surprise me if you are the first one to complete that adventure. I am kind of ready to have rollers. I say kind of because I know what comes after rolling and I am not ready for that stage yet! At five months you still fit in newborn clothes but mom is tired of looking at them so they are all being packed away. 

Why yes my flower is as big as my head!
My little loves you have brought so much joy to our family and I am so glad we were blessed with you five months ago. Dad and I often say we are so lucky that we have quads. There has been some stressful times, many exhausting hours, lots of routine, more time spent at home than we like, thousands of diaper changes, & spit-up galore during the last five months but there has also been lots of smiles, a few giggles, warm little bodies to snuggle with and more joy than we really deserve. Mom and Dad love you.
Let me tell you those little necks make for some awesome kissing spots.

Love those little piggies
They often hold hands when laying next to each other!!

And now for one outtake!!!
This is how I feel our life is right now; a little lopsided but absolutely beautiful


  1. Such a fun blog to read! Our twins boys (#4 and #5) are the same age as your quads! It's fun to see what your little guys are doing!

  2. What a cute post, and even cuter babies! They are getting so big and cute. I love how everyone is "playing" more now.
    It cracks me up how I can match one of mine with each of yours. Our poor little Mason has the flatish head too, but he is also so sweet and content and found his hands! He has been getting OT and it helps TONS! He has a little exercise regimen we do daily, but OT still thinks he needs a helmet for a bit. She said if uncorrected he could have problems with his gait later and maybe even vision :( We are asking our pedi for a referral to a cranial facial specialist at the 6 month appt. Harper and Tate are the BIG boys and would be good friends with their big grins and desire to stand already. Isabella and Rylin would be princesses together while Kenzie and Sydney would be the cutest little peanuts on the block. So, how do you feel about relocating to Dallas????

  3. Happy 5 months old!!! They all look so cute and grow up so fast. Just seems like the other day ours were at that age.


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