January 28, 2013

A schedule change gives us a life back

The babies are now 5.5 months (3.5 months adjusted) and we have been on a feeding schedule of every three hours since they were born. Three hours goes really fast when it comes to trying to fit a ton of stuff into that time period. And really we only got maybe two hours of that time because with diaper changes(x4) and the actual feeding that was all we were left with. And then the last month and a half the babies want to do this thing called play after they are done eating which often times involves mom and dad dancing around singing silly made up songs while juggling a baby or two from contraption to contraption. Our time has not been ours for a very long time. We have been so blessed though because since around Christmas the babies have been sleeping for 12 hours a night. The last hour of the 12 they play happily in their cribs. When people see us with the quads they often respond with "you must be so exhausted and not getting any sleep" and we happily report that not really because they sleep great at night. 

I remember when my friend Amber who has a beautiful set of quadlings of her own moved to four hour feeds. I was so jealous and it seemed like forever before we would even get to think about that because I believe mine were giving us only a five hour stretch at that time!! Amber's quads are only about 6 weeks older than ours and I have stalked followed her blog since I first found out we were expecting quads. I knew we were getting close to the point that maybe four hour feeds would work but I was thinking I would start solids first before this big change but I really didn't want to start solids yet because our pediatrician wants us to wait until they are 4 months adjusted before starting which would be the week of valentine's and we are having a lot of company during that week because the babies will be baptized on Feb 17. I don't want to throw in something totally new while everyone is here which means I wouldn't be starting solids til the end of February. I can not take another month of three hour feeds. This momma has had a couple bad days (post coming on how raising 7 kiddos is not always everything coming up roses) and I know it has a lot to do with our three hour time window. After all that I decided it was time. I talked to Amber on how she transitioned and set a date of Tuesday to do it. I had chosen Tuesday because I knew Paul would be working form home most of the day and if Thing 1, 2, 3 & 4 got really cranky daddy would be able to help back me up. Sunday night came around and I decided I wasn't waiting til Tuesday, it was happening Monday. I could do it. I went through 7.5 months of a quad pregnancy I could do a four hour feeding schedule.

Today was glorious. It went beyond my wildest dreams of good. They ate at 8 just like usual except I gave them each an extra 1.5 oz in their bottle. Each bottle will get more now because since we are going down to four bottles a day they need that 5th bottle amount added in to their other bottles. They all drank it with no problem and very little spit up which was a concern of mine. We then played and they went down around 9:15. And then the most amazing thing happened...they napped until 11:30. It was awesome. The big kids and I finger painted, I got ready, the big kids swam in the hot tub and played with very little arguing. It was just like it use to be. At 11:45 they were ready to eat and again had no problem with the extra volume. Tate actually left some in the bottle which is unheard of around these neck of the woods. Then all kids napped again from 1-3. After the 3:30 feed the big kids and I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and then it was bath time for the babies. They will get one last feeding around 7 after they wake from the little catnap they are currently having. 

Today was a good day. Most days when I am home alone I am anxious. Trying to cram so much into such small windows. I spend to much time telling my big kids "in a minute". I didn't have to hardly do that at all today. Voices didn't have to raise to a yelling volume. The big kid and I had fun which doesn't always happen when daddy is working. And the best part is I haven't even turned on the tv for them so that I could get a couple things done. I know I am making it sound like I added a whole three hours to my day when really it was only about an hour but that hour is exactly what our family needed. 

Hello four hour schedule, good bye every 3.

Love this view

"No mom I will not smile."

"Ok maybe just once."


  1. YAY! You did it!!! Welcome back to a (teeny) part of your life!!! They adjust so much better than we ever think they will, I'm pretty sure as moms on a dependable schedule it's hard for us to change sometimes. I'm so glad we have each other for that. And I'm SO GLAD you went to 4 hr feeds! They will be fine whenever you start solids, so don't worry Krista, you're doing awesome. :) Bask in the glow of this accomplishment and having some extra time for awhile before you make more work for yourself with spoon feedings, haha. Way to go!

  2. YEAH!!! Me too, momma!!! SO funny that we both decided today was the day. We also upped each bottle about 1.5 ounces and surprisingly each kiddo transitioned wonderfully. I tried to keep them up a little bit more, but they were still so sleepy so they did just about exactly what yours did eat/sleep wise. I was going to wait until later this week too to go to 4, but. just. couldn't. wait!!! Tonight I actually got to make dinner and eat it without stuffing it down my throat with four babies crying in the wings. PLUS, I was able to play with Jenna after dinner before bedtime, and that was AFTER I cleaned up the dinner dishes! It feels like I have all this luxurious time again. We've really turned a corner-- prayers all 8 kiddos sleep a solid 12 again tonight! High 5 & hugs, Krista!!!

  3. Ok, jealous here. We sort of did 3.5 hours today with some success. I am tired of a 3hr schedule too! Looks like the secret is more in the bottles. Duh! I have to work Wednesday and Friday and don't want to experiment before sitters come. We will be doing four hours starting Saturday!!!


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