January 08, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

So today I was suppose to work but at 5:00am I got the call telling me I got to stay home. This came with a mixture of emotions. I enjoy staying home but I sooo needed a day without my kids. I told Paul I thought about telling him I was going to work and spend 13 hours out but wasting 13 hours without spending money (because then Paul would know I didn't go to work!) seemed a tad difficult and not that much fun either. What's funny is my unit has less babies than I have at home!! Maybe I could bring my kiddos back just for a day and get paid to take care of them. It would double our census. So instead I am using today to play catch up by organizing pictures onto my computer. I have all the pictures since the girls were born organized my month and then year. I have never gone through and deleted all the blurry or not so adorable pictures but I figure I will get around to that someday, or may not. I may just save it for the time when all the kids have moved out of the house and I have nothing to do but sort through old pictures. I wonder what kind of computers we will have then?!? While going through pictures I found some fun ones that have not been shared.
Natalie sleeps with an eye mask on. I think she would be better off sleeping with ear plugs!

A daddy feeding set-up (I,R,K,T)

My lumberjacks

Mom impressed herself with this train track. The boy needs more tracks; just can't build much with what he has.

The boy loves his superhero shirt. There is a cape on his back for superhero adventures.
All the big kids have taken to shaving with daddy. No worries no razorblades allowed except for in daddy's.

Love that he knows how to make the correct facial expressions.

Gotta smell good.

All ready to head out.

She still remains our peanut.

Sometimes you just have to be silly!!

Thought maybe she would fold her own clothes but it didn't happen.


  1. I imagine that, especially with 7 kids, you already know this.. but I would hate to see all of your memories lost. I have all my pictures not only on my computer, but also on an external hard drive (including all the ones from my life before digital pictures.. I scanned them from baby book on up) and plan to also (I NEED to do this ASAP) burn them onto discs or buy some jump drives to put them on to and put into my fireproof safe. If there was a fire and my computer and external hard drive were both burned, I'd lose all of my pictures. If you haven't already done something like that, please consider it.
    sarah_mae_ at hotmail dot com

  2. Drew in the baby bath brings back a funny story. My Aunt had 5 sons, there were 5 years between the last baby & 2nd youngest. When she went out in the car with all of the boys the baby sat in an infant car seat, and the 5 year old insisted on his own infant car seat when they were in the car (which was a lot with the older ones & their sports). This was over 30 yrs ago, when there wasn't any guidelines for car seats for a 5 year old. She had an older infant seat that he sat in for a while until he got over wanting to be the baby! He looked so big in the baby seat, (like Drew in the baby bath) and it lasted only a week or so until he realized this is uncomfortable.
    Mary from Boston


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